Question: What is the best way to make a flat not smell like the tennant before? The tennant before was a heavy smoker, or his guests where (and there were many in a small room), how does one get rid of that smell? Apart from letting fresh air in.

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@WandelStock I like the smell of coffee, but I'm not a coffee dringer 😅 So that would be a waste of grounded coffee 😅 Thank you though :)

@julloyart If you have hard flooring, washing it with a vinegar+water solution could help accelerate the process of freshening the space up! Baking soda is another option.

@TheGreenLibrarian Don't know if the linoleum floor would handle the vinegar well or baking soda. Have to check with the landlord.

@julloyart Seconding a wash with vinegar (give the walls and ceilings a rinse, too, if you can) and leaving out dishes of baking soda. You can also boil lemon juice or water with spices for a couple hours to cover the smell.

@squidtarts I don't know if the linoleum floor would handle the vinegar wash well. But I'll try the lemon juice.
As a sidenote: I don't live in that flat, I have the one next to it and I'm currently in charge of opening and closing the windows if appropriate. My so. will rent that flat when it's done (which is why I'm already allowed in there). So I don't know if I can do much of the "washing walls" right now 😅 also, never heard of washing a wall here in germany

@julloyart Linoleum should handle vinegar just fine. It's not a super strong acid and will dry up quickly. But you can also do a quick spot test just to make sure before doing the whole floor.
Oh, that's really interesting! I wouldn't say I wash my walls often, but they definitely get grimy without the occasional scrub. Smoke will stain walls and ceilings and leave behind a smell (water will come away yellow as you scrub). Scrubbing the flat walls when you get access would make a big difference.

@squidtarts I doubt scrubbing would make a difference then :D Here in germany, when a tennant moves out, they have to "white" the flat again or leave it the same as they got it. Meaning they have to repaint the walls ;) Which has happened in that flat. But the landlord told me today that a cleaning crew will come next week, so it should be better then :)

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