I got myself a deck and at the beginning of this month. I shuffled and pulled a card in the morning to see what the day might bring (spreading the deck and pulling at random). Only looking up the meaning at the evening (to not be superstitios of the day). It's now the third week and three cards have always come up in normal and reverse versions: tower, temperance, the hierophant. Not as often, but also more than once the emperor.
Anyone who knows more about interpreting this?

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@julloyart life is throwing new things in your path, and you're learning to role with the punches, building yourself up as a contributing, and responsible member of society.

The Tower is symbolic of Divine intervention. Temperance symbolizes balancing your emotions and waiting for the right opportunity. The Hierophant is social construction and convention. And the Emperor is the idealistic masculine energy, symbolizing care and responsibility.

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