I'm sort of preparing my for 2021. And with that, I want to add in a new Topic/List I haven't had this or the previous years: A list of things that describe where I'm now and what I've accomplished so far. But I can't think of a title to describe that properly, does someone have any ideas here?

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@nuhn Hm... it fits somewhat, but the list is only suppose to contain "chapter titles" of the journey, so this might be a bit to broad for what I've got in mind. Thank you though

@eishiya Accomplishments doesn't feel right for that list, but I looked for similar ones in german and english because of this and found "achievement" to be more fitting for what I had in mind. Thank you :)

@julloyart I'm getting ready to start my 2021 bujo too. Coincidentally timed to a brand new notebook too. What about something like "What I've Done"? I like "accomplishments" too

@juniejuniejune I always start a new one when a new year starts. My notebooks are rarely completly filled, but only about 10 to 20 pages left, which I use for testing stuff for the new notebook.
Accomplishments is also not the right word, it doesn't sound/feel right. But because of this, I looked for another similar one in german/english and found "achievement" to be the one that sound more right for me, thank you :)

@julloyart achievement is a good word! And i couldn't do that, I'm too much of a completionist to leave unused pages like that, ha!

@juniejuniejune Well, if I would start the new year in the old one, I would have finished all the collections/lists for the year and probably only had 1 or two pages left for the journal entries of the new year 😅 thats not worth it for me, so I rather start fresh :)

@julloyart ahh that makes a ton of sense! I tried doing collections / more spreads but it wasn't working for me. Since everything is just monthlies (or weekly) plus dailies it's easy for me to just use up a whole notebook first since i don't have to worry about moving lists over. It's so interesting seeing how everybody bujo's differently! Thanks!

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