Purely hypothetical, if I would be working on a "small" tool that is usable with the browser to have a live drawing like experience, but at home, with photos that are in one folder of your computer.. what would be the settings you would like to have?
Like custom timelimit before it jumps on to the next picture? Go through the folder by random or in order they are named in?
And yes, not purely hypothetical, I started scripting on this yesterday. It's only some html and css, and javascript.

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I think the most important thing would be timing, and in best case tiered timing (like in my sessions you often start at 30 seconds and go up to 5min within a session) - and of course that whether random or in order, no picture pops up twice :D

@Ayior With the random I'm not sure yet if I'll catch the repetition of the same picture, but when it's in order then it depends on the files/pictures :)
I'll try to have something finished to share by the end of the week though, currently I've got a small error that I need to get out.
And I didn't think of tiered timing yet, will try to build that in as well (so far there is no timing in yet)

@julloyart Both of those sound like great features, and thank you for working on something like this! It sounds really cool :D

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