I still haven't decided on the distro I want to stick with on my laptop. Does some on here have experience with ? I use it in work in development and quite like it, but don't know if it is the right choice for creating art.

@julloyart As long as the application(s) you use are available in the distro's repo, your distro choice needn't be purpose-driven. Major distros have more in common than they have differences. I don't think any distro would be better than another for the task of creating art.

For #openSUSE in particular, you can search for the application(s) you need here:


If the applications are available as packages, then openSUSE will serve your purpose as well as any other distro.


@sean I already checked if they are in the repo of opensuse, thank you for the link though :)
I mostly asked to get some opinions by artists who might already have some experience in using that distro (or another) and had some good experience using it.

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@julloyart 👍 I was just conveying that in the case of major distros, the differences are about package manager, Free/non-Free policies, default desktop/theme, update cadence, installer, etc.

The major distros are 90% the same out of the box and can all be made to be 99% the same by installing a few packages or changing a few settings, a theme, etc. The 1% differences are all behind the scenes.

So any distro can be for artists (or engineers, coders, writers...). Good luck whatever you choose!

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