I still haven't decided on the distro I want to stick with on my laptop. Does some on here have experience with ? I use it in work in development and quite like it, but don't know if it is the right choice for creating art.

@julloyart I've tried it and it's pretty great! It doesn't have all the suppoert for all the software and stuff, but I think that is solved with flatpak essentially.

Personally I use Manjaro KDE. Got some pretty good wacom stuff all that.

Would be cool with a arch based creator distro! Wow, that would be so cool! Could be named arch studio or arch creative!

@julloyart I've used openSUSE as my production OS a few times. It's good if you use GNOME or KDE (I prefer Xfce, which takes more work to set up), and if "vendor stickiness" in package management isn't a problem for you.

I ultimately picked a different distro, mostly because it's supported by the animation software I use (TVPaint).

But Krita, Blender, etc. still work the same. If you're already acquainted with openSUSE and it works for you, there's probably not a strong reason to jump distros.

@PalmerAnimates I have manjaro xfce installed on my private laptop for now. For the reason to save some resources when working in 3D (even if the difference might be minor) - which distro are you using right now?

I ultimately want a distro that is easy to setup, gives me some kind of customization in the look, and is equaly suited for art purposes as well as webdev stuff. Thank you for your input though :)

@julloyart I tried Manjaro+Xfce. It was nice, but bleeding edge isn't for me.

I run Debian+Xfce on my animation workstation, and download AppImages, etc., to get current versions of Krita, Blender, Kdenlive, and so forth.

Xubuntu on my main laptop, with about ten PPAs to keep my most-used apps current. Thinking of migrating to MX.

And antiX on an older-than-dirt netbook I found while rummaging through a closet a month or two ago. 😃

@julloyart Other design-oriented distros I've used in the past:

Ubuntu Studio pretty much works as advertised, and uses the Xfce desktop. I recommend adding the Ubuntu Backports PPA if you use the 18.04 Long Term Support Release.

Fedora Design Suite is pretty good. Fedora's kind of a "forever in beta" distro, but if you're already using Manjaro, you may not mind. Also, Fedora is very GNOME-centric, though other desktops are available.

@julloyart As long as the application(s) you use are available in the distro's repo, your distro choice needn't be purpose-driven. Major distros have more in common than they have differences. I don't think any distro would be better than another for the task of creating art.

For #openSUSE in particular, you can search for the application(s) you need here:

If the applications are available as packages, then openSUSE will serve your purpose as well as any other distro.

@sean I already checked if they are in the repo of opensuse, thank you for the link though :)
I mostly asked to get some opinions by artists who might already have some experience in using that distro (or another) and had some good experience using it.

@julloyart 👍 I was just conveying that in the case of major distros, the differences are about package manager, Free/non-Free policies, default desktop/theme, update cadence, installer, etc.

The major distros are 90% the same out of the box and can all be made to be 99% the same by installing a few packages or changing a few settings, a theme, etc. The 1% differences are all behind the scenes.

So any distro can be for artists (or engineers, coders, writers...). Good luck whatever you choose!

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