Does someone have a tip on how to be able to draw digital just as good as traditional?
I may have mentioned it before, but somehow I struggle a lot when trying to draw something digital. I've got and iPad, so it's not the "where-to-look" difference exactly. The strokes just don't translate the same, even though the pen is pretty much similar.
Is it just patience? Keep on trying? Are there exercises to get used to the slight difference?

@julloyart the big difference i noticed when i tried an iPad/pencil in the store was the (lack of) friction-- the surface of the iPad is smooth glass and it definitely felt pretty squirrelly when i tried to draw on it. a matte screen protector might help it feel more like paper?

other than that i guess it just takes getting used to, and there's no shame in doing sketches traditionally then inking/coloring digitally haha

@AmeliaDrawsThings I actually quite like the smooth surface. I've got a clear, smooth screen protector on my wacom because of that - for some reason it was easier for me to draw that way.
But at the same time, I have a hard time drawing just like I do with traditional tool. At least sometimes I do, today wasn't so hard art wise. Thank you though for the tips :)

@julloyart will the ipad read the pen though a thin sheet of tracing paper? Or you can get a "matte screen protector" to put on it. It'll get you the paper-like feel your hand needs.

@RAPIDPUNCHES I actually like the smooth surface of the ipad screen protector I've already got on it. Helps me make smoother lines for some reason.
I doubt it's the smoothness though, cause sometimes I like the rougher paper, sometimes I like to draw on the smoothest copy paper I've got. It's weird :D
What's even weirder is that today art wasn't that hard on me and what I tried to do yesterday I managed to do on the first try.
Thank you though, for the suggestion of that screen protector :)

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