Hey Fediverse!
I'm looking for a musicplaylist that keeps me concentrated and highly energized/motivated at the same time. Also without lyrics.
I have a few playlists on spotify, but motivation keeps droping.

@julloyart when im studying im mostly listening to some video games soundtracks because they dont distract me. My fav is but idk if its energetic has some great playlists that I used in dnd and some of them are "epic" or "combat" so they may fit? Again idk if you'd like fantasy music
My best advice would be to just try search for some playlists on youtube because its full of them.

@he_xie Uh, thank you Mina. I actually never though of looking for fantasy music yet, but those playlist might come handy in the future to me :D (I might DM my first session of D&D in april - over discord, but still - the music might help me get into the mood for storytelling/storydeveloping :D)

@RAPIDPUNCHES I don't think I have a specific taste when it comes to music 😅 I'm mostly searching for something to keep in the background, that is not too distracting but keeps me awake and concentrated. But in general, I have some songs I like in nearly every genre as far as I know.
Thank you for suggesting that playlist, I'll listen to it tomorrow :)

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