As I've mentioned, I got a dungeons masters guide for christmas and during christmas I somewhat dm'ed my first game of dnd? Emphasis on somewhat. I just took the part of Critical Role that is most enjoyable to watch - the characters being on some kind of carneval or fun fair. I mostly did it because the cousin of my bf was interested in the game he and I got (she is 9) - so the funfair idea was the most accessible one without much preparation (except that I looked up ideas beforehand)

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Now I've got a question though, in case she still remembers the fun of the pretent game: are there guides for discovery guided campaigns, that don't focus on killing monsters?
As I said in the first toot of this thread she is 9 and I don't want to give her nightmares ;)
I already have a somewhat rough idea for a story, but as a newbee, everything would help me plan :)

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@julloyart Not sure I'm qualified to answer, having DMed only a few times and never for children, but from a story viewpoint, the best way to avoid monster killings is to avoid monsters that ought to be killed and to avoid things that can kill monsters (1/n)

@julloyart Monsters come in all sorts, including those we think ought to be killed but actually shouldn't be. Adventurers could get to discover that an apparent monster is not actually one [and is key to their mission alive rather than dead] (2/n)

@julloyart Weapons also come in all sorts, including "in short supply" and "of the wrong, harmless, kind". This can work as a hint that just because fighiting is an option does not mean it is the right one (3/n)

@julloyart Back to guides: not sure there are any, but there probably are scenarios out there which do not rely on a "kill the dragon and reap the treasure" synopsis, campaigns that are known to "come out of the left field", so to speak. I can only tell about creating a RPG scenario, however, because all the ones I did were original creations. HTH even a little! (4/n=4)

@aaribaud Thank you for your input on this :) The way you described it, was mostly what I though of as well. I also looked through the internet and found a one shot like "adventure" for dnd for kids, with easier character sheets, but also fighting included - not really story driven or something that could peak her interest in the game.
Question: What is HTH? I only know DnD from critical role watching, sadly never played (except for that mentioned improv)

@julloyart HTH is "Hope This Helps" -- Internet/Usenet lingo rather than DnD. :)

@aaribaud Oh, ok :D never had read that before, thank you :)

@julloyart Afterword: turning a "simple monster" into a "not so simple monster" makes a character out of it rather than a simple item. Has to have a background, goal, motivations, etc. All this can appear progressively as the campaign or story unfolds (5/4, yes, I know)

@julloyart Hm, not that I've DM'd much (I only ran a DREAD campaign once or twice and that was some time ago), but what about... like, capturing animals and returning them to their owners? Kinda like Pokemon. Or maybe there was a mass escape from a peaceful animal/critter sanctuary and you've gotta round 'em back up (maybe with some kind of magical containment) and they escape the field in creative ways (like a giant kanga hopping up a cliff). Or getting items to take care of a mythical anim?

@AesAthena Oh, that is something I didn't thought of yet. Thank you.
For now the rough idea is only that the players discover a whole new world that was there all along (basically our world right next to magical world). I'll see if and how I can put this in there. Thank you for the idea :)

@julloyart No prob. Don't be afraid to go "out there" with kids, they don't mind when things get off the wall (in my experience). Chars could also help NPCs prepare for stuff (like, gathering things to help prepare a dragon for a race?)...

@AesAthena I'm still reading slowly through the gms guide I've got, to get more ideas to make it kid friendly. And after that the players guide :) So lot's of official material to inspire me still as well

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