@dansup As @selea stated: It will affect you anyway.
As soon as you have users from the EU (which you have on pixelfed) you /Pixelfed is affected by that articel 13, since your users remain the copyright owners of the posts they make.
That is if it passes of course.

@julloyart @selea @dansup

if i'm not in EU jurisdiction i don't have to follow EU laws tho

checkmate copyright reform


Wrong, your service is accessible from "the EU", so you have to comply.

@julloyart @dansup


@xj9 @selea We are not the EU police, at least I'm not.
I just live there and am as annoyed by those "We want to do it better but didn't think it through" laws as everyone who is using the internet from here or is providing a platform for sharing.

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