Hey mastodon, I recently finished my masters degree and I'm now a Master of Science in digital media and looking for a job in a company that is in or around or (germany).
I have the following skills: modelling, also HTML5 & CSS3, .
Maybe you know of or you are in a company that is currently looking for someone like me? I would appreciate if you share this around and let me know :)
Thank you

There are of course some more skills I've got, like being able to work in teams, organisation, english as my second language and some experience abroad because of my semester abroad in scotland. But I had to limit the skills that would be the main skills in the job process. Of course, being able to work in teams is important as well :) I'll add some work examples later

@julloyart I believe NextCloud is in Berlin, though also remote work friendly

It has been hiring a lot, mostly engineering and sales

Also, check out


@lufthans I didn't think of checking next cloud, thank you :) And I haven't heard of weworkremotely, I will check it out as well, thank you very much :)

@julloyart I will hopefully be talking to NextCloud this week or next :).

wwr is a good resource

There's also

@julloyart You should get Python and Ruby on that list and remove the PHP. PHP is (or should be) a dead language outside Facebook and WordPress

@Routhinator I would add that to the list, but so far, I've mostly worked with php and have been most comfortable with that. I learned python during uni, but not to an extend I would feel comfortable claiming "I can do a whole project by myself. But whenever I feel like it and have the time, I try to learn something new, ruby is on that list as well.

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