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Hello Mastodon 👋 My name is Julia and I've introduced myself before, but it was time for a new introduction :)
I like , I like creating in every form. I do ( ) just as much as ( )
I've got a webblog and do some and for it.
I also like to try new ways of creating like

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Quick information for everyone:
I love to follow artists, especially artists that are still growing.
Why? Because I'm able to see a sudden jump in their skill after a week, month or a year. It always gives me a happy smile on my face when I see that someone has grown with their art. Even if they themself don't notice it yet. :)

So if you follow me or interact with me, I'll almost definitly follow you :)

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To have a first artsy piece on here as well, I'm uploading my drawing I did last week. It describes me somewhat well, so who wishes to follow me, has an idea of me :)

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I don't usually go out anywhere but if I did I wish I went with love of my life to 's concert. Would you buy a full resolution version of his portrait to help me do it?

Contact me here or via my website.

I wanted to post a few photos for a while now. These photos have been taken in april last year.
I love that time of year, when it is about to get warm, but it's still also cold. You admire the sunshine, because it warms you up. The birds are starting to sing, and it just creates this warm calmness all over.
I'll try to post other photos I've taking since last year during the next week. I'll also post these on my pixelfed account first @julloyart

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Things no one warned me about when I came to Mastodon:

. You'll use CWs for things that aren't triggers
. You'll crush and hard for many fedi peeps
. You'll shitpost, eventually make an account just for that
. You'll care about strangers online and they shall no more be like strangers but a family instead
. There'll be at least one person telling you to go to sleep already
. You can always ask for help and help shall make your way, one way or another

To be continued, I'm sure! :ablobsmile:

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Is there a way to get RSS feed from "my reading list" on blogger?

I didn't look through my photos on my camera in a long while (like... last year) and took out the camera for some photos yesterday and today. Some are somewhat good, and I'll probably post them tomorrow on my account ( @julloyart ).
Thinking about if I should post them here as well?

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Today I took a beautiful sketch by my friend Simone ( and repainted it in VR - here's a little look around. All design credit goes to her.

It's truly amazing to stand right inside a painting and become part of the world you just created.

Hello Mastodon 👋 My name is Julia and I've introduced myself before, but it was time for a new introduction :)
I like , I like creating in every form. I do ( ) just as much as ( )
I've got a webblog and do some and for it.
I also like to try new ways of creating like

New introduction/reintroduction toot will come in somewhen today

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One of the most effective ways to improve your figure , proportion, posing and gestures is to do quicksketches. They range from 30s to 2min, giving you no time for details. All you can put down is the essence of the pose.

is especially useful here since there's no erasing, so you learn to make confident marks and get it right the first time. (nsfw) is a good site.

These were 60s each

I should really make a habit out of saving my data on an external harddrive.
I started to do it every month last year, but stopped after a few month.

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Is any of my followers #LookingForAJob in #Web domain , pm me if you have strong #FLOSS culture and already part of related #communities , #Ethic matters too

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I had to quit for a few days because holy mother of OW, RSI and neck pain from sitting badly while carving.

But today I was able to get back to it, spent a few hrs hunched + wincing, and got the dang thang done at last.

Thing about lino printing, you're never sure how it'll turn out til it turns out; I spent most of the time fretting that i'd done a buggerup.

...I think it turned out ok 😁

After not using my laptop for a while, updates have been impossible to do. So a new installation needed to be done and this time I decided on - i mean, it is stylish and seems easy to use. But just like in manjaro, there is no driver for wifi automatically installed. :/ and finding a way to install it in elementary in a non-commandline way, also seems impossible to find (couldn't even find the installed drivers).
So.. I'll go back to once more

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no.01: Silhouette

One of the most important aspects of is the silhouette. It decides whether a design is memorable/recognizable or not. Think Darth V., Spongeb., the Enterprise, etc.

A good way to find unique silhouettes is randomized drawing. Here I used (discovered by @deerbard) to create shapes which I then turned into space ship sketches.

Which one is your favourite? Which one do you want to see finalised?

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Because tomorrow is valentines day and I did a similar thing on twitter two years ago, here are some digital drawn roses for different people you want to give a rose to :)
Red for love
yellow for friendship
pink for appreciation and gratitude
peach for appreciation and sincerity

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Been playing a lot of Atelier Totori lately hoping to at least achieve the normal end, but I think I'm going to fail again... 😂 But at least my alchemist daughter is adorable, and I'm really looking forward to Atelier Lulua in May 💖

This post was first available on Patreon:

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