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Hey mastodon, I recently finished my masters degree and I'm now a Master of Science in digital media and looking for a job in a company that is in or around or (germany).
I have the following skills: modelling, also HTML5 & CSS3, .
Maybe you know of or you are in a company that is currently looking for someone like me? I would appreciate if you share this around and let me know :)
Thank you

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Quick information for everyone:
I love to follow artists, especially artists that are still growing.
Why? Because I'm able to see a sudden jump in their skill after a week, month or a year. It always gives me a happy smile on my face when I see that someone has grown with their art. Even if they themself don't notice it yet. :)

So if you follow me or interact with me, I'll almost definitly follow you :)

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To have a first artsy piece on here as well, I'm uploading my drawing I did last week. It describes me somewhat well, so who wishes to follow me, has an idea of me :)

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Nevermind, I just got the right one after thinking to complicated.

Ah... damn it.
I haven't used my laptop in a while and... forgot my authentication password.
Does someone know how to change it without reinstalling it and/or using a live usb? I don't have any usb drives on me right now, but would like to update the software I have on there :/

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Does someone has some tips on writing the about page of a portfolio?
I really struggle to talk about myself sometimes and could use some guidance.

The post flagging got me into looking at my tumblr posts again.
I haven't posted on tumblr in a long time.
But this photo-value study ... I'm amazed by my capability back then. And I got a bit of a motivation boost to study values again (one of the art-goals/art-todos I have for 2019)

They have de-flagged the two posts now, but I was supposed to get an email with the result - hasn't happened yet.
Still funny that my ugly art studies from 2013/2014 got flagged.

Ok... wow.
When I checked my tumblr last year when all that fuss was about the purge, I didn't have any posts that had been against the guidelines. And just now, I saw that I had a message stating that some post might contain aduld content. Do you want to see the so riskey posts? They are shitty studies, some in just one color.

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I really have to spend some time to design an online portfolio. For now a responsive one with bootstrap has to be enough.
[still need to add some text to the about page though]

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cryptid pseudo grandpa and teenage runt doodles

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Studers. >:/

Not happy with the left one, ended up with a lot of strange marks here and there whoops.

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💪 During Day 4 of Yoga with Adriene's "Dedicate" challenge, I found a pose that does WONDERS to the pain in my right arm.

It's an extended child's pose with the arms reaching to one side (left to stretch the right side and vice versa). I can feel the pain from my scapula to the tips of my fingers, and this pose really helps stretch it out. Seems to work way better than any standing stretch I've tried.

Perhaps it can be helpful to someone!

I haven't posted much art in the past month. But I tend to occasionally scribble something. Or, in this case, tried my hand on drawing hands of yoga mudras in my - so I get some handy practice out of it :)

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Can y'all test this bundle in Krita and make sure the brush's custom shape and texture imports properly?

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I think @scoots asked about everyone's favourite works they made in 2018...a great idea! w/so much inevitable downtime it's so easy for me to lose track of my growth or of what I've accomplished & feel like the year was a waste–but I'm still here, & working in #fantasy & #portrait & #risograph – still playing w/ #watercolour & observing in my #sketchbook "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."

#CreativeToots #MastoArt #MastoDraw #furry #AnthroArt #JanelleMonae

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