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Hello Mastodon 👋 My name is Julia and I've introduced myself before, but it was time for a new introduction :)
I like , I like creating in every form. I do ( ) just as much as ( )
I've got a webblog and do some and for it.
I also like to try new ways of creating like

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Quick information for everyone:
I love to follow artists, especially artists that are still growing.
Why? Because I'm able to see a sudden jump in their skill after a week, month or a year. It always gives me a happy smile on my face when I see that someone has grown with their art. Even if they themself don't notice it yet. :)

So if you follow me or interact with me, I'll almost definitly follow you :)

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To have a first artsy piece on here as well, I'm uploading my drawing I did last week. It describes me somewhat well, so who wishes to follow me, has an idea of me :)

A portrait I've started yesterday and finished today in stream. All done in @Krita
This is a character from a player from our D&D group that I'm dming. He's a tiefling bard. When I asked im what he looks like, the only visual trait that I got as a response was "Red like youtube or coca cola" 😅 Not sure that I got that color right, but thats how skin works. :)

It has been a while (again) that I posted art on here - sorry about that 😅 I have a few pictures that I'll post every day/every other day until I run out (so probably somewhen next week).
Here is some character art of my S.O.'s dnd character Parcival, half-elven monk. Made in Krita

It's my birthday, and I'm streaming most of the day on
Some art, maybe some blender, maybe playing some sims 4, I don't know yet, but I definitly want to art :D

I haven't stopped drawing by the way, just .. didn't have time (and kind of forgot) to post here. The most recent one is my feeling about instagram and it's algorithm and hunting the numbers. But it's sort of a comic, and too many pages to post here into one toot. If you are comfortable with it, the link to the instagram post is behind the CW. It's kind of late here, I will see that I add the pictures here tomorrow for those who don't want to visit instagram. :) 

thoughts on birthday, getting older 

Anyway, thanks for coming to my toot-talk 😅
I feel old.

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thoughts on birthday, getting older 

Truth is, I achieved nothing of that. I've got a job that I sometimes like, but not love, more often tolerateable and sometimes even hate.
I'm not married, I don't own a house and I don't have kids.
But why is a perception of my 9 or 10 yo self putting that kind of pressure on me? I know that this kind of vision is obsolete nowadays and society has evolved. But the same society still puts pressure on me and every women-passing person. I hate it.

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thoughts on birthday, getting older 

It's gonna be my birthday this thursday (1st of april) and I'm turning 30...
I don't know exactly why I'm somewhat afraid (?) or anxious about turning 30, but I need to express the thoughts somewhere not verbally, but still out there.
I mean, I have a vague idea of why I have that anxiety about that age. When I was a child, I had this idea in my mind that I would have my own house, already gotten married, had kids and a job that I love while I still in my 20s.

Is someone on here who has experience with a Samsung tablet? Especially trying to find some opinions from artists, who draw on those tablets.
A friend is looking into getting a tablet, I told her the advantages I see with my iPad, but also want to give opinions on android tablet for drawing digital.
I personally use both my ipad and wacom equally (equally meaning whenever I feel like using one of them).

Question: What is the best way to make a flat not smell like the tennant before? The tennant before was a heavy smoker, or his guests where (and there were many in a small room), how does one get rid of that smell? Apart from letting fresh air in.

In case someone wants to join my artstream, I'll be streaming on twitch in a bit

I'll be working on a piece for an artchallenge a friend of mine is hosting on instagram starting tomorrow. Mostly have it finished, but something needs a bit of rework. Depending on how long I need for it, I'll maybe start something new as well.

Quick question: What are your inspirations? And I don't mean only inspiration for drawing/creating art etc, but for life - if that is the right word in that case.
For instance, my biggest inspiration for live are two tv shows: Ojamajo Doremi and Doctor Who. Don't know why, but those two shows always bring my spirits up, keep me curious for new and unexpected things, and other stuff. Do you have such inspirations as well?

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more work.
I really like my new thicker sketchbook. Now I can do bigger formats without too much paper warping.

I hope you like it.

The other day I found an old drawing where I started a portrait in grayscale (with pencil) - I don't remember when I started that piece, but it was very good as far as I've gotten back then (I'll probably take a photo somewhen next week and post it).
But what bugs me is, I don't know when I lost that patience with my art or the creation of it... anyone else feeling like this? My guess is that I lost it when I lost more and more of my freetime, but still wanting to do art.

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Everything you create contributes to your experience pool, and the greater that pool, the better you'll be. Afraid of finishing something in case you spoil it? Finish anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't like it at the end; you got practice and experience and your next creation will be better. Every mistake is a lesson, every 'failed' piece an exercise in building knowledge and honing skill. Plus, often, the things you don't like will be adored by someone else. We don't all have the same taste <3

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Looking for the artist I cannot recall a name of now. His art was like children's dream, a bit claustrophobic, but colorful (I think). Streets, geometric shapes? Creatures walking these streets or flying among? These are my memories. Can you help? :)

I got myself a deck and at the beginning of this month. I shuffled and pulled a card in the morning to see what the day might bring (spreading the deck and pulling at random). Only looking up the meaning at the evening (to not be superstitios of the day). It's now the third week and three cards have always come up in normal and reverse versions: tower, temperance, the hierophant. Not as often, but also more than once the emperor.
Anyone who knows more about interpreting this?

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Hi all, I'm new so here's my / .

I'm a 26 year old who specializes in digital and . I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

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A piece of mine from a yearish ago. I recently reworked some details.

When you look back at the stuff you have done and see something you want to change, do you do it or let it go?

I have a hard time resisting the urge and it does make me feel a bit guilty since I already work pretty slow and it slows down the stuff I am currently working on even more.

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