is today so I took some birb requests!
My favs are capuchinbirds and pionus parrots!

My kenku paladin! Do yourself a favour and look up Capuchinbird because I CAN'T get enough of them!!

My second GameGrumps animated is up on the official channel! I can't believe I've done two in one year!

I'm really proud!

Some cute boys! A friend and me have become very invested in our fusion boys!

I did that fusion challenge going around on Twitter; where you take all your favourite characters and combine them into one!

So here’s my perfect good boy! I’ve named him Hal.

He’s smart and musical, but socially awkward. He has a hard time expressing himself to the public but does well performing music.

I love him.

He’s also trans.

There's a thing going around on twitter right now where you make a character based off a bunch of your favourites! This one isn't mine, this is for @octokracken because I had a good idea going for it! I'll post mine sooooon! but here's some progress I made on Michelle's!

Our comic process for dead city is fun! Michelle draws the rough thumbnail and writes a detailed script, then I sketch and ink it on 9x6 bristol! Ta-da!

I need to get better at promoting! That'll be my new years resolution for 2018!
In the mean time check out these links! (not currently taking commissions but it has a tip jar)

Thanks for following~

Posted another tutorial on my patreon if anyone's interested in how I colour things in Photoshop!

I posted this tutorial on my patreon a while back and wanted to share it with everyone. I haven't bought a sketchbook since 2015!

Some Patreon requests I've done the last few months!

I hope patreon doesn't mess this up, 'cause I really like the platform, but if you're a patron of mine I draw a nice sketch when you sign up!

If that's not your jam I also have a ko-fi!

Yooooo remember that time I single handedly saved the Sakana comic fanzine?!

Good times!

Oh, you can still download that zine too @ if you like Sakana! If you haven't read it... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

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I wanted to push myself out of my art rut and get myself rolling again, so I decided to do some fan art of JP and Mikael from Dead City! a comic by my friends @jpdraws and @octokracken !

My Magnus design for my animated shot for the project! Woah, check out that tumblr full of amazing work!! I'm so excited!

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