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I created this little monkey a month ago, but I completely forgot to share it to you.

So, there it is, what do you think ? 🐒

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I was trying to work on my comics so only thing I have in a week is another small cat. I did timelapse video though if you are into that kind of thing.

Back to work after vacation is the worst. No time for drawing and painting all day long :(

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Draw a robot challenge!

Not really a challenge, just draw a robot.

How to enter: Draw a robot! Yay you win! 🤖

Here are some example robots in different styles to get the idea-juices flowing :)

Robots are super fun to encourage creativity; they don't need to adhere to accepted models of what something 'should' look like (like people), they can be made up of all kinds of bits and pieces. Go wild!

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This was a commission, and it's easily one of my favorite pieces from this year!

You can read more about this piece here:

Accidentally made art with my milk coffee on the table this morning - it’s better than what I usually make :’D

„The monsters of the city“
A collage I created last year. It‘s a digital collage from a pic i took in my hometown Frankfurt (GER).

Hi guys! Wanted to share my first artwork this year! It’s a digital piece and the result of different pictures I overlapped and painted on.


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