Hey , now that is popular to mainstream audiences, how about we bring back?

Happy Easter, y'all!

is a fantastic show. If you like comics in any form, do yourself a kindness and watch it!

Just got rid of my old couch. The replacement is much easier to move:

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Everyone was posting 10 year glow ups and I was like....no, no, that's okay, thank you, 2009 was not a great year for me.

.....How about a 20 year? :D

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1 is still in the theaters, but the sequel already got leaked!

A superhero's secret identity is a sacred thing, and Scrooge is kind of a dick about it.

I have all these new comics but no time to read them. Being an adult is hard sometimes. 😫

I love when people set their out of office e-mail messages to say: "I’m currently OOF..."

It makes it sound like they got punched while they were typing the e-mail.

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Doing another challenge, this time hosted by DaveGrecoArt, with his OC. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the stream as I worked on her, I had a ton of fun :)

That dayjob thing has been been killing me lately but here's some older are I haven't posted here yet.

Was part of a trade. Love me some Disney ducks! 🦆

Fun = Writing comics

NOT Fun = Writing software release notes

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I was going to do some physical media drawing tonight but forgot I purged all my physical media drawing stuff in anticipation for my move.

I'm ok with that because tomorrow i'll go to the store and get only what I need.

"Do you know the Big Chungus meme?!" I said to the person younger than me.

"Never heard of it"

Me internally: "I'm younger than you!"

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