*takes a deep breath* ok here we go

I'm starting of 2019 with something that I've been wanting to do for a while and now I'm jumping in:

Here's the first one starting with my name

Who doesn't love pandas? I tried out some slanted lettering this time. I want to start adding more to these but I also don't want to have to spend too much time on these everyday.

Day 2 of


Food, Day 3 of 100 Days of Hand Lettering 

I tried out some different type of lettering and some embellishments this time.

Day 3 of


Flaming Hot was the 💩 back in the day.

Fun fact: my elementary school had to ban them once because kids kept getting cheeto dust on their schoolwork.

Day 10 of


My goal every year is to travel somewhere I haven't been to before. It's something I never really got to do as a kid so it's something I try to do now with my family.

This year we went to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta–beautiful places I'd recommend visiting. The weather was warm and the beaches were gorgeous. 🌴☀️

Day 12 of


Anyone noticed the awesome typography of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? I love that "Bagel!" scene 🤣

I did a few sketches for this one. I ended up picking the hardcore type treatment. All for fun. 🤘🏾

Day 13 of


I loved Mulan growing up as a kid and I still watch the movie from time to time (even while I made this!).

Writing in Cantonese gave me major flashbacks to when I used to eat with the family in Chinatown and I'd write out the Chinese characters on the back of the fortune cookies.

Day 14 of


Something to always keep in mind as you focus on your work and career.

I did this all on Procreate—still have a lot to learn working on there. I’m so used to Photoshop.

Day 15 of


Speaking it into existence. I'm going to put up a mural one day. There's so much space around Palmdale to put one up.

Who's got an empty wall???

Day 21 of


I've been LOVING working from home lately. My hour+ commute is non-existent, I can focus on my work for longer chunks of time, and I can walk downstairs at any point & keep my family company.

Day 34 of



Happy to be back at this again. :)

This year has been pretty rough for me career-wise (thanks COVID) but I am glad to be where I am now freelancing full-time and learning lots of new things.

Day 36 of


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¡Felices fiestas! This one took me a while to do. LOL

I had to fill this one up with everything I love about the holidays; family, the tree, champurrado, empanadas, tamales, buñuelos, snow.

Wishing you a happy holidays to you and yours. Stay safe out there.

Day 38 of



Wanted to give an ironic take on what you see at every home furnishing store. This style was actually way harder for me than I thought 😅

Can't wait to live laugh love with y'all out there soon.

Day 39 of

This is your reminder to go share that piece of artwork, post that selfie, go shoot your shot, or whatever silly little thing you were putting off for some reason. ✨

(Just keep it safe and consensual)

Day 41 of


@josephespana This made me think of how death metal bands designed their logos. That takes me back. XD

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