At first, I thought it was a great chair to have but looking at the price... I kinda disappointed with the price... Does it has to be this expensive!? 🤔

@josephespana that price tag is absurd. The only special part is the seat itself, the rest of it is just a normal chair

@josephespana "it's so expensive tho :crying emoji:" me, a fool: oh so it's maybe like 400, 500 dollars? A man can dream"
Me: * opens the link* holy macaroni that is an unfathomable amount of money to spend on a chair

@josephespana That price hurts. At least it’s so far out of what is reasonable for me I won’t spend weeks convincing myself it’s a smart buy.

@josephespana ;_; fuck my bisexual ass that's a lot of money

@josephespana @t54r4n1 wow what the fuck
how do furniture companies get off charging the price of a car for shit anyway

@josephespana Laughed so hard because my bi ass sits like this (I'm squatting right now, in fact) in a regular office chair

@josephespana I have at various times made sketches for how to build my own because a small company making a specialty product has set a totally reasonably price but also I can make it much, much cheaper but also do an inevitably shittier job

@josephespana It actually looks great the problem is no back support

Also why are all these people wearing shoes inside their house

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