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Introductions, selfie, sportsball 

Hello! 👋 I'm new and glad to be here. My name is Joseph España. I'm bi 🏳️‍🌈💜 and married with two kids.

I'm a designer from Los Angeles. I help create all sorts of digital products and I like to illustrate a little on the side.

I mainly post about life, anime, games, baseball, and 💩 posting. I'm currently in the process of redesigning my portfolio site so you'll prob see a lot of toots about that.

Thanks y'all for having me! Punch nazis 😘

George Floyd Trial, violence mention 

Be careful if you're out protesting today. The pigs are going to be out for blood most likely

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George Floyd Trial 

I wasn't expecting a guilty verdict tbh. I'm so glad Chauvin got convicted–on all 3 counts especially.

This is a small W–hopefully a start of more to come.

My MacBook decided to restart right in the middle of a meeting. And it happens to be on the day of WWDC...



I love baseball. Fuck the MLB tho

You can’t convince me that an axolotl isn’t a Pokémon

pandemic psa (positive) 

reminder that even if you're quite young/not immunocompromised you should still get your vaccine asap if it's offered to you. you're not "jumping the queue" it's okay, just take it, especially if it's going to waste otherwise. the more people who get it the better, and your safety matters too.


Waiting in line for my shot. Feels so weird being outside with other ppl around. Haven’t done that in practically a year

Getting my 1st vaccination shot today 💉💉💉

Just had a pretty good phone interview.

I think it went well 😊

Can we cancel design challenges when applying for roles?

Just hire them on a contract basis and see if it works out

Set up my wife’s monitor, starting cleaning, and inevitably ended up cleaning most of the office 😅

I've been trying to work outdoors lately 💻

It's not as comfortable as I am at my desk but dammit if I don't get some sunshine

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