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Hello, my name is Joanna. I love to paint and draw because it helps me to relax and focus on my personal goals. I'm struggling with depression, which is why I am also struggling with being productive. But I'm trying my best to keep going.

Oof yesterday I got dizzy/nauseous out of NOWHERE, it felt like a lighter sort of motion sickness? I'm feeling much better today though. No idea what happened.

Working on this Lady Knight for the Art Corner discord challenge - consider it a Masto exclusive for now haha. She's Serbian/Slavic inspired. Still working out the details and I'll have to do a proportion/perspective pass.

I'd be so happy to get some feedback on her! Also debating making her look older and less "pretty".

I'm posting boring anatomy sketches, but I've become so obsessed with learning anatomy, that I can't help myself...
but I'll promise, I will post some interesting art soon... I hope...

Yoda #Schaeuble orakelt aus der alltagsweltfremden Eremitage seiner üppigen Abgeordnetenbezüge, dass “üppige“ Sozialleistungen unglücklich machen.
Schäuble sollte mal versuchen 1 Monat allein auf Sozialleistungen angewiesen eine menschenwürdige Teilhabe zu leben. Als Rolli.

Rebuilt my wiki in C99, simplified a bunch of things, started implementing some of the modules. Still lots and lots of work to do still..


08 / Fireworks

Not feeling too creative today so I've decided to do a short tutorial instead. This one is about creating fireworks using Unity and was from a video made by Brackeys on YouTube:

I've also included the project files if anyone wanted them for any reason.


So brutal sehen Australiens Buschfeuer aus dem All aus

Wer #Australien's #Buschfeuer auf Weltall-Bildern sieht, erfasst erst die ganze Katastrophe dessen, was sich dort gerade abspielt.
Die #NASA zeigt mit neuen Weltall-Bildern die Katastrophe derweil weiteren Perspektive. Die US-Weltraumbehörde betreibt allein 26 Satelliten, die zusammen das Earth Observing System (#EOS) bilden.


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