Impressions of how algorithms interpret a constrained environment, through explorations of illegal highway side dumps and road side quarries in Tasmania.

When I'm not painting, I'm usually writing code. Right now I'm working training a neural net to reimagine pictures of my home town as if they'd been bombed. Attached is one of the first tests... A promising start I think. haha I see it too now! 😁😁

Finally took a stab at fleshing out more of the body (hah!) of one of my masks. Pretty happy for a first attempt!

The first of my big mumbling mask walls in Hobart, Tasmania. I've just finished a week of fun but indoor walls - looking forward to painting outside tomorrow πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

@aldersprig Ahhh ok thanks! Looks like you have to do it when your first post the image. Thanks for the heads up 😁😁

@aldersprig I did not know that's something you could do! I'm new to the fediverse... I'll figure it out and do it 😁

Started playing with painting trees recently. Snow Gums have such beautiful colours - especially when they're wet. 🌧️🌳

A wall of mumbling masks I painted in Bicheno, Tasmania last summer. Ah summer days... they can't come back too soon!


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