West in my retro style for Rick Griffin! I did this one entirely in vectors, like I used to back in the day.

A little more Huntеr × Bianca (cw: mildly spicy, I guess?)

Bianca and Hunter from the Spyro series. A bit spicy 

I had to make some edits to make this one SFW. x)

Rent's staring me in the face and I'm not in the best shape financially at the moment (winter was tough), so I'm opening up for more of my retro style icons. Originally these were gamer-themed, but for this round I'm open to any theme (with a few restrictions). If you're interested, details and signups are here: tinyurl.com/retrolifeicons

Question for my followers on Mastodon. What method(s) are you comfortable using to support artists besides commissions? Many folks have a (completely understandable) dislike of Patreon, and I'm aware of some of the alternatives, although it's likely I don't know them all, or what's preferred among the community.

Valentine's Day themed fanart of Marie from the Tamberlane webcomic. I should have posted this a month ago but I'm LAZY💤

Veronica goes clubbing. My half of a trade with Psicoyote

I drew Elranno's fennec and sea-creature OCs for a warmup exercise. Because, well, just look at them, they're such a cute couple.💕

Here, have a random insomnia coyote I drew at 4am a few weeks ago.

Did a little doodle of Rivet from the latest Ratchet & Clank game.

cw: large bladed weapon, implied peril 

Thane × Scarlet, from Armello. I dunno, I think the pairing's cute.

cw: fnaf 

My riff on Roxanne Wolf from the new FNAF game. (I admittedly know relatively little about the FNAF lore, but I'm a sucker for that early-'80s glamrock look)

Hi all. I need a little help getting through this holiday season, so I'm putting out the Ko-Fi hat, but I want to give you a little gift for your donation. So I have a set of nine stylized animal portraits (in digital format) currently for sale in my Ko-Fi shop. If you can chip in a little bit, that's great, and if not, spreading the word is great too!

Link: ko-fi.com/s/f6d2a9993e

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