Archy and Mehitabel, as seen in the animated adaptation of Shinbone Alley, 1970.

Lady Amаlthea and her true form, from The Lаst Unicоrn.

Warmup speedpaint: Maid Marian, from Disnеy's Robin Hood.

Warmup sketch: Belladonna from Trials of Mana. I've never played it, but I like the character design.

Warmup doodle: Michiru Kagemori from BNA: Brand New Animal

Alright, I started the adult art account. It's over at @jonas and you I'll add you as long as you're over 18. 🔞

Is there a good Mastodon instance for posting adult furry art? I'd share it here, but I know that's not everyone's thing.

Here's a single-page comic with Tau and Willow that I drew as a followup to one of my previous sketches.

Tau's uncle is a jerk.

CW: A tiny little bit of gore. 

Commission for Wildwiredweasel.

For those who have reached out/expressed concern: thank you. I'm well, but I've taken a step back from the online world for a while, to focus entirely on clearing my commissions queue. I'll contact clients as I make progress. Please stay safe and hang in there. I'll be back soon.

For Valentine's Day, I hybridized my love icons and cyberpunk icons into a single concept. 🤖 💕

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