16 colors pixelart picture, old piece, Inspired be some tribal patterns
Technically unusual, because it’s for 8bit computer ‘Sam coupé’ with very limited color pool. I was pretty happy fitting into palette and with dithering

Next time more pixelart for

in ,
I like portraits, especially woman, and I like nature, that makes perfect mix ;)
standard mode (wide pixels) I think 12-14 colors.

Old 32 colors pixelart picture,
320x180 px - Amiga palette, done in rush, so not perfect

I was trying to create impression of colorful composition within limitations of the computer:
- 32 colors from 4096 pool
- to compare: normal 8bit pixelart usually use up to 256 colors from 16,777,216 colors palette

Ok, something completely different - BW pixelart picture, I was playing with dithering.
It’s standard hires mode for commodore 64 (used in demo by Elysium) but technically more or less the same as other hires modes for ‘retro machines’

Another pixelart landscape for Amiga 500
320x256px 32 colors, made in grafx2 (with mouse ;) )
inspired by Chinese Nature Park landscapes

People seems to like crows and ravens (including me :) - and I have more
but I don’t want to be mono-thematic, so this time something completely different. :D Pixelart princess Zelda in Amiga palette (and resolution)

Smaller and more recent pixel piece, done for fun :) blood moon night scene with crows

Hi Mastodon ! I’m artist from Poland living in France posting in english ;)

I will post my I’m doing for or for my own projects, or just for fun :)

I am usually working on pixelart/graphics projects, but also doing commissions - will post them later.

I like traditional/digital , visual art in general, but also enjoy good music, books, films and games.

Another pixelart scene done with Amiga palette, took about 100h to finish


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