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Hello hello, I'm Seo! 😍 I'm a Korean freelance illustrator who loves using pastel tones, drawing faces, and OCs! I'm starting to get into fanart as well! >:-3c

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Decided to draw smth more aesthetic with my star doter. Her pallet is so pretty/// 😭😭😭

Is it just me or does mastodon sometimes not notify you when someone comments/follows you? 🤔

Showing off my Pokemon OCs. :D The first one is more of a persona tbh. Second and third are ace trainers and last one is a cocky model.

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I have a mighty urge to spam art but I also wanna wait till more people are posting or until I draw smth worthy. On an unrelated note, I like the ability to lock ur toots. It's nice.

@catkaiju oh my god your girls are so pretty what the heck?

I must show my newest and most favourite child right now. Please treat her well// Also so exciting seeing many talented artists already on here dang.

wow how to english my first post is gross

@starneko i wonder if i can claim the first toot on ur page 😂

Hiyo. I'm Joju and I draw mostly anime. I'm an illustrator and working to be an animator also. I love drawing my children and my friends' children too ofc. I also like pokemon, white haired characters, and cats. Would rather stay at home than go out. Also I'm terrible with communication, sorry. 😭My commissions are semi-open and info is on my profile.


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