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So, I really like to make bread (and to cook in general). This year I have really stepped up my breadmaking by doing autolyses, higher hydration doughs (70-75%), long proofing (6-8hours), and it is starting to pay off. Just need to learn shaping the dough a bit better. The picture shows the latest bread I baked.
Any other hobby bakers around here?

@johnna - Not sure it is hobby. More like bread service for two daughters and a wife. I make rye bread and white bread both with sourdough.

@Katharsisdrill Nice that you are baking with sourdough. I've tried it before, but I don't have a starter anymore. Instead I use instant dry yeast mixed with a bit of water to activate it and flour. It looks like sourdough but is ready in 10 minutes 😅

@johnna - you can make a new sourdough with yogurt, honey and wheat flour, and then just let it be on the kitchen table for 3-4 days. When it explode it is ready.

But yeast makes fine bread too and it is much easier to control.

@johnna My New Year's Resolution was to learn to make bread this year. But I missed out in the beginning of the year and it hasn't cooled off enough for me to give it another go.
My bread usually turns out tough and bricklike. :\

@AesAthena I’ve been baking on and off for a couple of years and have had the same experience as you; tough, dense bread. But then I started learning how to autolyse and mix the flour properly and how to develop and proof the dough for good results. Going through a lot of youtube videos of sourdough and no-knead baking was very helpful. Trevor J Wilson’s videos on youtube was influential in developing my own technique:
Aside from the fact that I don’t use sourdough (instead I use a mix of water, flour and instant dry yeast), and use different utensils and timing my technique is similar to his. (But my breads don’t look as good though 😊 )

I love baking bread as well! It's so relaxing and fulfilling! I use white flour but I really wanna try using whole wheat flour too!

@MatheusRV Yeah, I use a mix of white flour, whole wheat or spelt, sometimes barley or rye. The regular wheat flour gives good structure, but the other flours really give a lot more flavour (I especially recommend rye for this). I usually have 2/3 wheat flour and 1/3 a mix of spelt + another flour.

Yeah, I have to use eggs and milk but still the flavor is not that prominent.

@johnna I know @jula has made some yummy bread in the past. (And hopefully will again in the future!)

@johnna That bread looks yummy! I shape dough into a rectangle and then roll one corner to its diagonal corner. Maybe you are doing that too!

@jula I just kind of try to fold from the edges into the middle and then shape into a loaf. 😅

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