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I want to address the cancer issue as well, but I am being attacked as being anti-nature for attempting immediate mitigation (rather than annihilation) - I am doing this for the Canadian Liberal MP

's re-election


's re-election

fake is not free
fake apps are not free apps
the only freedom is in methodologies that can fit into fully-open frameworks such as browsers
of which NONE EXIST

Italy's new anti-fascist government might bring ecology and direct democracy

The virtual machine for Rust is the LLVM (low-level), and the security layer is what is in rust that makes it safe, the OS components would be filesystem communications etc as plugable load-ins and I am wondering if virtual memory aka paging can be a plug-in

looking for a theme here - my daughter is a huge artist, 6 yrs, does fully articulated figures, each has personality - thousands of them all over the house, gunna do that! here is her first feature video, edited by me - I would use peertube, but she is a youtuber.. kids, you know

is there a common (open source) format for saving video editing information? (such as gimp does for images with .xcf)

going beyond that, the clients could include methodology for any app, such as project management such that the work flow is contained in communication, which is how it was done prior to current digital modernism


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