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Hey I’m Joe, an illustrator and designer based in the UK with a focus of storytelling and characters. Looking for work in games, vis dev and fantasy art!

Thanks for the tip!

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"Galar the Dwarven Bard", yet another , a bit shorter than the last one, part of a personal ttrpg project I'm working on. I'll post more about that further down the line.

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Missed a couple of days so playing catchup this evening, here’s a few Celtic merfolk;

🧜‍♀️The Ceasg of Thurso🏃‍♀️
This river dweller will grant you 3 wishes, if you can catch her.
🧙‍♀️The Hag of Colmonell🧜‍♀️
The more bitter curses you cast, the more corrupted you become.
🧜‍♂️Kelpie Herder🐴
It takes strength and experience to keep the mischievous kelpie in check.

🧜‍♀️The Maid of Zennor🦀
Morveren, daughter of Llyr, loved to walk on the surface among the villagers of Zennor, singing hymns in the church dazzling the locals with her ethereal voice. When after one trip she snuck a young man back to the halls of the ocean king, Llyr flew into a rage, imprisoning the man under the sea and forbidding his daughter from walking on the surface again.

(2/2) Finding a slight emanating light deep in the water, the captain sent down his daughter, the strongest swimmer, to collecting anything she could. All they could do is watch as the strange light flared up, consuming her and any nearby marine life, before it sped away deeper into the sea. Retired and living on the coast, Mr Walker would insist that his daughter still came to visit him

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🧜‍♀️ The disappearance of Violet Walker👽
(1/2)In the early 20th century a group of sailors were witness to a rare meteorite strike just off the south coast of the Isle of Portland, Dorset. Knowing that certain people found space debris valuable, a small crew went looking for the object.

🧜‍♀️Lost at Sea💀
The sea has claimed countless victims, but their bones are not left to deteriorate on the sea floor. This small group of merfolk are given the unending task to collect the bones of the lost, though the intention of this macabre harvest, whether good or ill, is unknown

🧜‍♂️Trumpeters of Neptune🐚

Triton, son of Poseidon, was the progenitor of the Greco-Roman race of merfolk, shepherding the undersea realm for the pantheon. When Neptune/Poseidon would grace them with his presence, the all male conch wielding trumpeters are brought forth to strike a chorus that could be heard all the way atop Mount Olympus.

(2/2) Nets were found cut, pots emptied, and each family blamed the other for the losses, but none could ever provide a credible witness, only whispers of a strange shape in the water, and a sound like a man humming a gentle tune.

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🧜‍♂️ The Phantom of Penwith Coast🦞

(1/2) Two of Kernows oldest fishing families, the Greens and the Liddicoats, who had fished and potted the coast for generations and would fish and pot those waters for generations to come, became locked in a feud of false accusations that would last to this day.

🧜‍♀️ The Black Maid 🗡️
On the isolated east coast of Wales, there are tales of a black tailed mermaid or morforwyn. Those who fished in the night hoping for a bountiful catch on a calm moonlit sea ran the risk of visit from the black maid. Their boats would be found adrift the next morning, the crew eviscerated and missing several vital organs.

🧜‍♀️ Sunken Sif ⚓️
After the successful raids at Lindisfarne and around the coasts of England, more vikings made the voyage to settle in Britain. When Sif arrived in the new lands to meet with her raiding husband and sons, she was told that they never arrived, lost to a fierce storm during the voyage. In her grief she took a boat, alone, back into the North Sea never to been seen, at least in her human form, again.

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