Need to get the code done ASAP so I can spend 75% of the time doing art.

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Okay I think I have my gamejam idea. There are some mechanics I will struggle to implement but the art is gonna be by far the hardest. Oops.

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Hatchwell is Out Now on Steam!

A threat returns, and you are the destined hero. Run around Hatchwell and see it change... for the worse!

The town is at risk! Can you help everyone and save your home?

(Links in thread)

#gamedev #pixelart #indiegame #arpg #indiegame #indiedev #zeldalike #steam

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@jmes Don't push yourself. This is more for the weekend jams, but just in case it might apply for the week long one too - get enough sleep, eat well, hydrate, get up and walk around a lot. You'll be far more productive than if you try and cram in long hours and extended sessions. Use an alarm to remind you when to eat/drink/take a break if you have to.

But if I were to try and have a finished game, do any seasoned gamedevs/gamejammers have any tips? :D

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My goal isn't even to have a finished game I can submit, it's to spend a week having fun and learning a tonne of new stuff.

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So I'm participating in @GodotJam
tomorrow. A week long "hackday" where the goal is to make a game in Godot based on the chosen theme.

Problem is, I have never made a game and I'm just starting my pixel art journey.

i have no idea how to find a consistent style, how do you do it? D:

stayed up late trying to practice lighting, the thing I'm objectively worst at. it... wasn't great. but i will keep trying!

i think my use of colour and the shape lures you into thinking the lighting makes sense.

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There's definitely pressure like a tick, tick, tick 'til it's ready to blow! (whoa)

(TBH I've no idea how to caption this) 😅

But wishlist the game now on Steam!

📹 (Trailer vid in thread)

#gamedev #gamemaker #pixelart #arpg #indiedev #indiegame #indie #zeldalike

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here's a little set of keys for todays

really struggled with this one and had to look at what others were submitting, but ah well.

here's a little set of keys for todays

really struggled with this one and had to look at what others were submitting, but ah well.

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Hey buttfaces here's some one way platforms and ladders. They work a lot nicer now that I'm raycasting landings. GMS was VERY fond of letting you slip through thin 1pixel platforms!


I did it! I replicated the lamp lights in . Using Light2D, Particles2D, AnimationPlayer and some pixels by yours truly. My first little / project.

Feeling :D

Maximize screen size to see the little dust particles pls.

Seems obvious now but today I learned you can keyframe almost any property within an animation, not just sprite frames. So now I have pulsating lamp lights without touching code.

Just learned of Godot Wild Jam ( I don't think I have the skills but I am willing to no life it for 9 days to see what I can produce :O

the pattern painter alone, so good, can actually have randomness

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Goddamn the reworked tilemap editor in Godot 4 looks good. Waiting for stable release to try it out!

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