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(Intro continued) I'm open to art trades and I'm willing to share my cosplay advice with anyone who wants to get into it! I might take cosplay commissions, but I have ADHD, and some health struggles, meaning it's harder to find time to do things that aren't necessary. I'm thinking of doing some tutorial videos when I have some time, so if you have any questions, send me them so I can make a video or a post! When I don't have time for videos, I write on my blog, so check my website for my tips!

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Hello new people! I'm a cosplayer, photographer, musician, and I love to draw! Most of my time is spent studying computers, but when I have free time, I sew and do digital art. I'm involved in a variety of fandoms that I usually fit into my art interests. I joined Mastodon because I use Linux and value the open source community, and so far everyone I've interacted with is very kind. The apps I use the most for art are Darktable and Gimp, although my new camera still doesn't have support.

Oh, it's weird but I got it. I have to cut the images, create a new page, and then paste the images back on. If anyone has a better way, I use LibreOffice Writer to document all my costumes and other things, so I'm open to any tips.

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I have a question for any creatives who use LIbreOffice Writer. I have a page that's half images, and every time I go to insert a page break, it puts the images on a separate page from the text. Is there a way to insert a page after the images? I know LibreOffice Writer is not good for images, but at the moment it's all I have since Word online is even slower and I lose access after I graduate.

Official art for Summer Solace! Artwork by Shicchan on Twitter, put into this promotional design by me. We are still looking for vendors! Info and forms at

I mostly want to know how to get this to sound similar on a computer program, not just a 3DS app. And if anyone is wondering, it's Korg M01D, a sequencer that for some reason only exports MIDI files. So unless I record the audio from the system, I can't get the same drums as it's treated like piano, with the kick drump at the bottom being C3 or C4, I can't remember exactly.

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I worked on a song today and got something I like for the first time in a while. But it's only 10 seconds long and feels like it should be in the middle of a song... Also I'll be looking into music programs for PC, as the 3DS has horrible sound quality, and exporting a MIDI doesn't have the synths and drums. Feel free to leave suggestions for (preferably free) music making software that can edit MIDI files! I need to make this have cool sounds, but I don't trust my timing to record my real synth

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"Google no longer providing original URL in AMP for image search results"

Time to share this one again before it's too late:

How to fight back against Google AMP

Calling Canadian artists (especially Eastern/Atlantic due to time zone)! Summer Solace has extended the vendor application deadline to June 6! Mostly anime themed so far, but we're open to just about anything, as long as everything posted is PG and things can be shipped in Canada. The rest of the info is on the site, and if it's missing something, feel free to send me a message.

I couldn't find anything about WM themes except for how to instal them. This may not be a big ussue for other people, but for my needs, and being forced to use this for school, it's a huge issue that is getting to the point where I can't even open the app without panic... I don't know where to go...

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Okay, this is important to me, but there is nothing I can find on it whatsoever. Is there a way to override a program that overrides your WM theme? I can't deal with Microsoft Teams on Xubuntu having such innaccessible WM compared to what I have installed for myself. I'm okay with the sounds being overridden, but not having the shade feature, and having the close and minimize on the other side, not to mention purple notifications in the bottom rather than black on the top... It's too much...

So I'm planning an online con, aimed at Atlantic (maybe Eastern also) Canada! If you are an artist in this region, or are incolved in the anime/comic/gaming convention scene, let me know and I can add you to our group in the appropriate area.

I really don't like having to use Microsoft Teams for my project term, and the biggest reason is that it overrides my window manager settings with the Windows 10 settings.
For comparison, I'm using this theme (in a periwinkle kind of colour) with close, minimize, and shade on the left side, where Microsoft isn't compatible with shade, and has the controls on the right.

I'm seriously loving foam clay! It dries extremely lightweight which makes it great for costumes. I'm working more on Lucario today, and I'm using foam clay for the spikes. I'm using the white stuff from Lumin's Workship that I ordered through Arda Wigs Canada las time they had a sale. I wonder how long the tub will last me, I'm about a quarter of the way though the largest tub!

What is the secret to using watercolor pencils? When I looked up how to stop paper from curling, all the tutorials said to spray the paper with water first, but watercolor pencils work very differently on wet paper. I really like what I'm doing, but it's hard to get a flat piece when I'm done. I'm working on something for my mom, and I don't really know if I can flatten it, or what. It's not too bad, I taped it to a plastic container, but still warped in a few places.

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If you're a non-furry who wants to do furry commissions for art, please don't "joke" about it somehow being something you're lowering yourself to. The other thing is, furries as a whole reward genuine curiosity and sincere questions about the scene. If you're an artist who approaches furries without being judgemental or snobbish, people will be chill with you and you'll even make some friends.

Happy and everyone!
Two pics of me in my partial fursuit, in 2 different asexuality inspired shirts from LookHuman.
Click to view because my fursuit has "follow me" eyes that not everyone likes to see.

I set up an account on and have a couple YCHs here. I can do pet portraits or original animal characters.

Yes, this worked. The icons on Windows now have a lock, but I switched back to Linux after running the Adobe converter, and I can open the files on Linux right from the Windows Desktop folder, into Darktable. Kinda sketchy but cool. I guess I'm justified in keeping all my important info on Linux rather than Windows if it's this easy to access...

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Apparently I can just drag and drop files into my Windows hard drive. I can open my Krita files that I started in Windows, on my Linux drive as well. This seems really sketchy from a security standpoint, but last time I used Windows on a somewhat daily basis, I was 9 and no concept of how computers work, and I still don't know with Windows. I'm going to see if this works to just copy my folder over to my Windows pictures folder.

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Does anyone know the easiest way to share files to Windows from Linux? Same computer, but on different drives. I like viewing my jpg images on Linux while doing other things like listening to music, but the editor I need only works on Windows. I'm used to Mac and Linux on one system where they have a shared folder that makes it easier. I'm new to the whole Windows 10 thing.

I'm really happy I've been getting into watercolor again! I just wish there was a way to not have the paper bend. I'm currently using Canson XL mixed media, and a combination of watercolor pencils, ink pens, and an old set of watercolors my grandparents gave me as a kid.

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