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(Intro continued) I'm open to art trades and I'm willing to share my cosplay advice with anyone who wants to get into it! I might take cosplay commissions, but I have ADHD, and some health struggles, meaning it's harder to find time to do things that aren't necessary. I'm thinking of doing some tutorial videos when I have some time, so if you have any questions, send me them so I can make a video or a post! When I don't have time for videos, I write on my blog, so check my website for my tips!

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Hello new people! I'm a cosplayer, photographer, musician, and I love to draw! Most of my time is spent studying computers, but when I have free time, I sew and do digital art. I'm involved in a variety of fandoms that I usually fit into my art interests. I joined Mastodon because I use Linux and value the open source community, and so far everyone I've interacted with is very kind. The apps I use the most for art are Darktable and Gimp, although my new camera still doesn't have support.

I should really stop using Chromium. It doesn't open my tabs up correctly after a restart, and now I can't find which one is playing the hour long video game music video since there seems to be 2 tabs of the same thing open, but I can only see one.

My laptop turned on, and appears to be working okay. Normally it will allow me to start it up as soon as I connect the plug, but for some reason it didn't this time. Not sure if it's my weird power, the cord, or the battery. But the battery says 79% of a full charge when I ran acpi, so I thinking it could still benefit from a new battery.

The power in my area sucks. I think it killed my alarm clock lamp since it wasn't working right, and now my laptop won't charge. I have a paper on it that's due Thursday, and I know I can't get a new battery before that...

I got some fur samples from Fursuit Supplies, as well as the rest of the stuff I need for Lucario. Now I can get started on the head! I wanted to wait until I had the fans in so I could build it around them. But next time, I'll just wire some up myself because shipping cost a lot.

Lucario progress. Just the foam parts so it looks weird. I got more foam at a different craft store, so I was able to finish the foam for the feet. I still have a long way to go, but it's a good start. Still waiting for fans before I start on the mask part, which is the only foam piece I haven't made yet.

Kinda bad lighting, but my latest commission is done! Open for trades and commissions again! I'm still working on how anthro bodies work with different characters, but I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Yesterday was my birthday, so here's an 8 year comparison of my digital art, and my fursona.

So there's this song I really want to do a fursuit dance to, but does anyone know the legality of using music for stuff? Basically, the album was only available for a limited time only on iTunes and Amazon, neither of which I can use, even if it was still up 10 years later. The only way to get it is from YouTube or SoundCloud, which NewPipe does, but would I be allowed to use it just for entertainment purposes? Or would I have to contact the artist?

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The next version of #bandcampDirect, my free bandcamp client for Android (available on :fdroid: @fdroidorg), will be rebranded to campfire. Also, in-app playback controls will be more stable.

Does anyone want to create a new icon for this app?

I've decided it's a better idea to use zippers and snaps to make the fur removable from Lucario's legs and tail since the foam is too big to wash the way I normally wash stuff. If I remove it, I can throw it in the machine and not have to worry about foam getting ripped or taking forever to dry. I've never seen zippers into fur, so it will be a challenge. I should probably get some better matching thread too.

Not a fun walk to class. But I'm going to stop by a couple places on the way home to get zippers and more glue for my glue gun.

Well, I made a rather large articulated tail, and glued a bunch for Lucario legs, but I ran out of glue. I'll get some tomorrow. But I will say, the luxury shag from is quite nice. It just has some wrinkles I need to fix.

Does anyone know of there's something similar to but for mobile? It's a scaling tool, often used for cosplay. You upload a reference image, make a line that equals your height line up with the character's height, then any line you draw is scaled to that.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a snow day, so I'm hoping to do more on Lucario. I feel like it would be easier to glue the foam to leggings, but that would defeat the point of making it have such ways from air to go through. I'm glad I decided not to worry about cosplay goals or deadlines this year because I'm having fun jumping between 3 projects at once! However I'm still waiting for my fans and paw pad material from Fursuit Supplies.

Really weird looking pics, but I made a frame for Lucario legs out of strips of foam. I might add more, if I find the shape needs help. But I used all 50 safety pins my dad gave me, so it's time to stop for now. I left a gap for the tail, but I can't remember what the tail was sized too. I used to scale everything to my approximate size. Each leg is 41" around.

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here's the thing about telling people to CW things:
1. CWs literally, logically cannot be a one-size-fits-all, universal norm. Humans are not limited to needing warnings for "predictable" subjects, or any small/reasonable set of things, at all. any aspect of a traumatic memory can become retraumatizing; my go-to example is someone who pointed out they're triggered by schoolbuses. should everyone, everywhere CW photos of schoolbuses? I don't think so! it's impractical, and how are the vast majority of people supposed to figure out that's a thing?

But if someone in your circles asks you to CW schoolbuses, you can certainly CW schoolbuses. CW conventions CAN be effective when tailored for the needs of a specific community, but this means CW conventions Need to be different between different groups. why?

2. Attempts to be exhaustive about CWs aren't just logically doomed to fail, they're inaccessible.
a. If the rate of CWs is too high, people's ability to make decisions gets overloaded.

Well, I did some work on both Dawn and Anko cosplays. Here I come ! I realized a few things in one of my patterns that need tweaking, so it maybe a while. But classes start tomorrow for me, then I see an advisor to help me switch classes. I'm not sure how this semester will go, but I'll be posting pics when I can.

My skirt for Dawn (gen 4 Pokemon Trainer) is almost done! The close up pic shows a little problem I ran into, but I'm hoping I can somehow fix that. And then I just want to top stitch right below the waistband, and right above the pleats. I also haven't finished the edge where the pleats join the main skirt. I know it looks wrinkled, but it looked better on me.

Instagram was just another stress, and while I may get it again via an APK archive with older versions, I won't be keeping up with it.

I just deleted Instagram because their settings are a nightmare. It seems like almost every account has slightly different settings, at least from my 3 accounts I was using, and comparing with screenshots online. It updated and wouldn't let me change the background back to white, which really scared and upset me. So expect more stuff from me here! I'm also taking a different approach to cosplay this year where I don't want to push myself so hard.

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