Long story short on what's going on, I'm in the process of renovating and moving to a place my dad wants to keep in the family. I'm staying temporarily due to a family member being sick, but the more we're here, the more things we find to renovate. The things that could lead to health risks are first to go, but I'm really excited to start making this place a bit more my style over the next month or two.


At least I can stay somewhere safe, and my dad didn't start ripping up carpets yet. The delay was a blessing in disguise. But it will be so nice when this place is renovated and I can set up some craft stuff in my own area.
I did do a test yesterday which was negative, but the people removing the brick still don't want to come, so I guess that keeps it a bit cleaner for now. I was able to grab my sewing machine, so I might work on sewing some things out of old sheets I found.

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sickness, current events 

So my stepdad got covid, and I figured I'd stay at the place I'll be moving to this summer. There was no way I was going to quarantine with him again because he just watches bad news and conspiracies. And I don't want to get sick as my chronic illnesses are bad enough. I'm glad I have somewhere to stay, but it is hard on allergies with 50 year old carpet, and some old wet brick in the process of being removed, but it's better than getting sick.

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PSA for new users!

If you've come here to build a community/following around your creations, there are two things that will hugely help your work get seen:

1) Hashtags. People use them here. The most common for art are .

2) Image descriptions. It's increasingly common that people won't boost (retweet) media that doesn't have an image description. It's also just generally nice and good practice in terms of accessibility. :bear_hugs:

I just finished this semester, so I'm looking at taking a few art commissions to help with some renovations I have to do so I can move.
I'd love to get back into marker art (examples from 2018-2019), prices start at $20 with shipping.
Glitter and metallic details available (no lamination at this point).
Animal and anthro OCs preferred, can also do stylized pet portraits, and other kinds of characters with a reference.

Happy to everyone who realizes we don't all experience the same kinds of attractions. I'm asexual and still in a good strong relationship, that doesn't feel like it's missing anything despite the misconceptions.

I also just want to say how refreshing this place is compared to all the drama and fighting on other platforms. It's nice to not worry about seeing scams, negativity, and ableism in my notifications.

Motivation is hard with weather related, and hormone related pains at the same time as all the other random pains I get. I do plan to get back into some art stuff this month. I also hope to find a doctor who will write up a request for a test to look at the pain, because a private clinic agreed with my self diagnosis, but needs a test for certain, and private clinics can't access public testing.

If anyone has suggestions for summer fabrics, I want to sew some more things with long legs and sleeves that help keep me cool. I'm not sure when I'll get to the store, but I'm trying to get some inspiration for fabrics. I might just get some white cotton voile and tie-dye it. Tie-dye and denim look materials are great because they go with just about anything.

I came to an agreement where I can move out, so I'm hoping to work on a few home decor projects to personalize my area. I'm really excited to have a proper sewing area, but for now, I still have some other things to do. I just got distracted looking at fabric when taking a break.

Hoping third time is the charm for meds so I can actually get stuff done without painful side effects.

I'm really missing doing art... I thought doing two courses in my last semester would be easier, but it's not... It's a lot of work this term as it's been a lot of research into JavaScript since I didn't do it in first year. I'm really hoping to get one of the jobs I applied for at a big company so then I'd have weekends off to sew and draw.

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Look around. What's something beautiful near you right now?

Medication and side effects 

Turns out I get really painful toes due to Vyvanse and I'm not happy. It was helping so much until the pain came back... It's hard to walk, so I can't keep taking it if this keeps happening, even with allergy cream to help. I'm guessing I'll have to move to non-stimulants since stimulants are hard to find lactose free, and Biphentin didn't work after 2 months of use. Just sad because it's hard to get stuff done and finish projects without it.

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A note, but "Masto_art" on twitter AND Instagram is reposting artwork from Mastodon using the tag " " as their target. The person who set this up should be ashamed of themselves. Absolute shit thing to do.

Ice can be so pretty! This is unedited, just reduced in size, but I've been playing with manual settings on my camera to get some neat effects. I love the depth of field on this lens! My first time using manual settings on an f/2.8 lens.

I have a programming test on Monday, and I'm not looking forward to it..

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I have a question. I completely forgot to use my @Tutanota email as I use it for art commissions and I haven't had time to use them, and my university only allows their own emails to be used for school.
Does anyone know if I can just pay for one month to get my old username back, and then cancel it? I'm not ready to use all the features yet, but I'd rather use Tutanota for job searching compared to my cosplay gmail that gets a lot of spam.

I made a phone wallpaper that matches the desktop one I did. It was hard to do as I couldn't get the PSD off my iPad, so I had to just fade the desktop one into more background I added when I changed the resolution. It doesn't work so well for a home screen on my phone with the layout, so I may change it again to have a lock and home screen version.

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