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(Intro continued) I'm open to art trades and I'm willing to share my cosplay advice with anyone who wants to get into it! I might take cosplay commissions, but I have ADHD, and some health struggles, meaning it's harder to find time to do things that aren't necessary. I'm thinking of doing some tutorial videos when I have some time, so if you have any questions, send me them so I can make a video or a post! When I don't have time for videos, I write on my blog, so check my website for my tips!

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Hello new people! I'm a cosplayer, photographer, musician, and I love to draw! Most of my time is spent studying computers, but when I have free time, I sew and do digital art. I'm involved in a variety of fandoms that I usually fit into my art interests. I joined Mastodon because I use Linux and value the open source community, and so far everyone I've interacted with is very kind. The apps I use the most for art are Darktable and Gimp, although my new camera still doesn't have support.

My poor tablet! My dad and I will have to open it up and see if it can be fixed. Otherwise, it's off to eBay looking for a tablet... And yes, I do want to stay with Intuos 4 because I love the mouse and the old nibs that don't work on new ones. I have had this since 2011 or so,been back and forth to school a lot, and I did lose the original stylus.

I'm also trying to avoid scented products due to my bad reactions to them, but that isn't working so I'm going to email someone to make an announcement.

I got in early to try and plug in my phone, but I can't find a plug anywere. My next class is right after, and 10 minute walk away, so it's not looking good for being able to use my phone on the bus. I can't find my USB-C cable anywhere, so that makes it harder to find places to plug my wireless one into. You'd think since people use laptops to take notes that there would be more plugs in classrooms.

NewPipe still isn't working, before or after updating. That's annoying

In the last few months, I've ran into some really weird Discord drama and issues that got me thinking a lot about rules, freedom, and protecting communities. It's such an important topic, but very controversial has so many opinions. I didn't realize it was so complex. Even 3 people can get into some very opposing ideas and values. It's hard to navigate when you have some things in common, and some things opposite.

How do you suggest selling various art and wearable art? I have Storenvy but no one has used it yet since all my sales have been in person by cash. I'd be looking specifically at custom made items and commissions, and I'm just wondering what sites are out there. I know Etsy and Dealer's Den are popular.

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If you've ever wanted emoji of your sona or something in particular for your Mastodon instance, Discord/Slack server or something else, I can make them!~

:disappointed_but_relieved_ms: :crazy_ms: :d20: :arcade_stick: :milkshake_banana: :viscous_nuisance: :queer100: :pokemon_mini: :purple_potion:

DM @kiilas if you're interested!

More info:

Not looking forward to a category 2 hurricane coming tomorrow... I doubt power stay on long. Power here is really good at going out even in little storms.

I hope this order is worth it. I got stuff for Anko from Naruto (the bodysuit mesh) and blue fur for Lucario. I did also combine with someone else too, who got less than what I did. I'm really excited to make Lucario, so I'm really hoping this is worth it. I did get some fur locally for pretty cheap, so I'll be working on a premade fursuit to sell just for practice.

Remind me never to order from again. I got in on a 20% off sale, which covered shipping to Canada, however, they charged me an extra 20% in import fees. The tax rate here is 15%, which is what I was charged in the past for orders over $200. I really don't like this removal of the US-Canada free trade agreement.

I figured out my laptop, and yeah, I probably should update... As far as I know, I still can't edit my raw files or use my Cintiq, but that'll be for another day.

So I did end up just logging into Unity on Ubuntu to use the search bar to find my password file. It's hidden very well... But it made me realize 2 things. First of all, I need to see if there's an app or something that does this kind of search on Xubuntu, and secondly, I really like how I have my window manager setup on Xfce. Things are never easy are they...

I need help if any of you know how to find a file from Ubuntu command line. I know the name, but not the path. It has one of my passwords in it, and I need it. I've tried all I know, but if anyone knows how to do recursive type searches, let me know

Well, since I switched from doing BCS to doing BACS, I have a class at 8:30 with a bunch of first years... Not how I wanted to start my 4th year of university.

TLDR, anxiety floof, is to much for anxiety me to handle. On top on my pain and her lag.

Question about anxiety in cats, need help 

I started cutting panels for Zelda's skirt. I have more than cut, then triangles to go between them to make it a full skirt. It's like the ultimate fit and flare dress, super tight to full circle!

Petition for education 

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I'm waiting to talk to an advisor about switching degrees. There are 2 computer science degrees here, and the other one doesn't require a lot of these hard classes that cause me so much agony. I'm excited because I needed help, and thus advisor is really nice about it.

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