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(Intro continued) I'm open to art trades and I'm willing to share my cosplay advice with anyone who wants to get into it! I might take cosplay commissions, but I have ADHD, and some health struggles, meaning it's harder to find time to do things that aren't necessary. I'm thinking of doing some tutorial videos when I have some time, so if you have any questions, send me them so I can make a video or a post! When I don't have time for videos, I write on my blog, so check my website for my tips!

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Hello new people! I'm a cosplayer, photographer, musician, and I love to draw! Most of my time is spent studying computers, but when I have free time, I sew and do digital art. I'm involved in a variety of fandoms that I usually fit into my art interests. I joined Mastodon because I use Linux and value the open source community, and so far everyone I've interacted with is very kind. The apps I use the most for art are Darktable and Gimp, although my new camera still doesn't have support.

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Also did a cute little Retro/"Jetsons" car doodle badge for @jlbee of their platypus character, River! :D

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I'm trying out Blender for basically the first time, first time using a reference anyway, and I'm actually having a lot of fun with this. I'm hoping I can make characters that can eventually be animated, but there's so much I don't know. I'm open to advice and tips because I've just been following a tutorial someone sent me, and that character is more simple than mine.

I fixed it by going into recovery and switching graphics cards via terminal.

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So I tried updating my graphics drivers and apparently broke something...

Oh, on the off chance anyone is looking for paw patterns, I'm working on making some printable versions of both hand and foot paws. So far the hand paws fit perfectly on one page which helps. I'll be including instructions on sewing and how to resize. Any ideas on how to price them is welcome as I've never sold patterns. If this works I may sell some clothing/cosplay ones if I can size them correctly.

Good news, talk of health, disability 

I have some good news for once! So I got diagnosed with POTS a couple weeks ago, and ordered some compression toe socks with separate toes that I can wear with my toe shoes. I still feel dizzy and have some weird visual stuff, but anything that helps is something I'll put up with, even if that's neon pink socks and odd vitamin drinks. It's hard not being able to do what I want, but I'm glad I'm finding ways to work around it. Online classes help too.

I've been away from here, but I've been busy. I'm working on updating a panel for CozyCon (an online convention over Discord) about designing characters, outfits, and how to turn them into costumes, with a focus on fursuit design. For details about the whole event, check out and thanks to @Temrin for organizing the event!

You'd be surprised at what a Nintendo 3DS can do. I have a New 3DS XL with Colors! 3D I used to do this. The design was all my own, and yes, I hope to one day make it a real costume. I reached the limit here as the program saves playback recordings and they had a storage limit for each picture. This was the first time I reached over 5 minutes of replay so I had to stop there or else I would have lower resolution. I'm still super happy with it! Replay at:

I'm not going to post the pic until after the physical one gets delivered, but I discovered something really cool when making a wedding card! So I had some eyeshadow that expired, and I hate wasting stuff, but don't trust it on my face. So I used it the same as I do watercolor, ontop of where I used watercolor. And it's so glittery and shiny! Just a warning, it will come off on anything damp, including a slightly sweaty hand. But it doesn't fall off when shaken or anything.

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Facebook is a cancer in American culture and democracy.


The #3 overall post on US Facebook today, with almost 200,000 shares, is a photo of a Vietnam War memorial vandalized by BLM protesters.

Except the photo is from 2016, the vandals weren't BLM-affiliated, and it was debunked by a fact-checker weeks ago.

I made new hand paws for my OC Kirakira, and so I got my mom to take some pics of the whole outfit put together. Everything made and patterned by me!

I don't normally post this kind of stuff here, but I got sent some free protein powder and from my favorite company! They're in the middle of changing names from Two Vegans Mission to Outcast, but if anyone is looking for dairy free/vegan protein that is smooth, tastes good, and has great nutritional value, this stuff is awesome! I haven't tried vanilla, but comparing their chocolate to Vega, this stuff is so much easier to drink, less lumpy and stuff.

I have charity watercolor commissions open! All the money I get, minus postage, will be donated to Black Health Alliance! I'm willing to draw/paint just about anything, as long as it's SFW. Suggested prices based on my usual rates are in the description, as well as what shipping will cost in Canada.

Walking up at 6am for that didn't help either especially as I have chronic migraines and now it's wise than ever. I'm studying UI, I'm on a UI team this summer so I can see what they did, but I hate when they add something more accessible for some people at the cost of others. Especially where unexpected changes send me into panic, I really don't know what to do. I miss my old phone and the Kyocera UI. It was the easiest to use I've ever seen on Android. They have meh hardware specs though.

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My phone did a mandatory update and I hate the UI. As it was I already had 4 apps installed to tweak UI issues, but now I'm going to need two more at least. Does anyone know how to change One UI recent apps to be in a stack vertically? I can't use the horizontal ones due to chronic tendinitis... I can live with the ugly orange icon theme, but causing me literal pain to exit out my apps is an issue.

I just saw an ad for this, and honestly I'm so excited! I used to use Colors 3D a lot, and it's a really solid program and I love their gallery format. It's also pretty crazy that there's a pressure sensitive pen for the Switch!

I got this for free (like how people stick stuff outside with free signs, and I just happened to walk by) and it she perfect fit here! But not gonna lie, I really want to paint designs on the drawers. I don't mind the colour, but I don't think my acrylic paint is a 100% match. So my mom suggested painting designs on it. Maybe someday, but I'm open to ideas. Right now I'm just glad I found it and can put craft stuff in it.

Just for those who don't like Google things (we've been using Google Forms) you can also just message me the info (link to gallery/shop, and Discord username) and I can get you added to the server.

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If anyone in Canada wants to be an artist for this event, the form will be closing for good on Sunday night. You can message me if you have questions.
I personally will be opening for watercolor charity commissions with money going toward Black Health Alliance.

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