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(Intro continued) I'm open to art trades and I'm willing to share my cosplay advice with anyone who wants to get into it! I might take cosplay commissions, but I have ADHD, and some health struggles, meaning it's harder to find time to do things that aren't necessary. I'm thinking of doing some tutorial videos when I have some time, so if you have any questions, send me them so I can make a video or a post! When I don't have time for videos, I write on my blog, so check my website for my tips!

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Hello new people! I'm a cosplayer, photographer, musician, and I love to draw! Most of my time is spent studying computers, but when I have free time, I sew and do digital art. I'm involved in a variety of fandoms that I usually fit into my art interests. I joined Mastodon because I use Linux and value the open source community, and so far everyone I've interacted with is very kind. The apps I use the most for art are Darktable and Gimp, although my new camera still doesn't have support.

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I'm waiting to talk to an advisor about switching degrees. There are 2 computer science degrees here, and the other one doesn't require a lot of these hard classes that cause me so much agony. I'm excited because I needed help, and thus advisor is really nice about it.

Talking about chronic healyh issues, Canadian healthcare 

Mental health meme, making fun of myself 

Why is it so hard to get accommodations for learning challenges? I had no problems in high school, but it's just getting worse. They seem to put all the good profs on 1st-2nd year classes.

Anyone else not able to log into @Tutanota from web? I just tried it and got a message "A temporary error occured on the server. Please try again at a later time."

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A fantastic image taken by Fred Espanak during the recent total solar eclipse. In his own words:

"[T]he image [...] isn't of the eclipse itself. Rather, it's an image of the New Moon bathed in Earthshine during totality. You can easily identify many lunar features. This speaks to the transparency of the sky from Vicuna, Chile."

#Moon #SolarEclipse #Photography

From his Facebook post [ ]


I finished my fursuit head! So much glue went into this, I never realized how much does into these. I'm going to wear her to a dance at an anime con and live my teenager dreams of being a ravercat!

I'm almost done my con crunch stuff, but my algorithms assignment is really hard. If anyone can explain how to use Master Theorem, YouTube just isn't helping.

Fursuit progress, missing lower jaw. 

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anime levels are 54% and rising

(54%) ■■■■■□□□□□

I made a flower crown! It's my first time trying something like this! The big reddish ones were from the dollar store so they aren't ideal, but I'd definitely do this again.

Ever be too worried about getting stuff done that you end up being too worried to get anything done? Con crunch and school work is a lot... I have one exam, 1 coding assignment, and 2 theory assignments before the con, where I still have to finish some costume stuff (since I outgrew some things...) and also prepare some ocarina panel stuff.

I made this recently and I like the design. It's inspired by an asexual flag paw pin I got at a con. The heart was totally freehand so I probably could have done better, but I like it anyway.

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Happy Wooloo! 🐏✨
In french we call it Moumouton, it's litterally saying Sheesheep!


We got some loud frogs out here. I kinda love having my window open and being a little farther outside the city. Although there's this odd ticking sound and I don't know what it is.

I just realized that I hadn't posted this! A gift for Foxeh_Blue on IG and FA. I used Prismacolor markers and Faber-Castell ink pens in various thicknesses for lines.

It looks weird now, but it's progress. I have the back of the fursuit head almost done, but I need to finish the eyes before I cut out the rest of the fur.

I don't know if anyone here is going to Animaritime, but I just got room arrangements figured out and I'm really hoping to bring my partial fursuit, although it'll be really warm so I'll probably only wear it to the dance since it's later? I don't know, this is the least prepared I've been for a con.

I'm really excited about the fursuit though! My eyes are really coming along, and the main thing left is the fur on the head.

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