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i miss...she!!!!!!!!!!!!

played a bit w the free campaign to get my main n alt the event rewards bcus i need them to have those pools n it made me miss my kids sm ToT

GDJSHDJD when u wanna do oc stuff w a friend but u dont know if it's still too early to ask despite being friends for 2+ yrs n ur not even looking for a ship u just want ur oc to have friends

OMG i found an old wip i completely forgot about and im losing my mIND

HEY GUYS!! what are y'all embarrassing ocs from when u were a kid ???

here's mine from when i was 9 yrs old his name is cc (cotton candy) who started off as an obnoxious neon blue cat w zero brain cells (still tru). also he's super op n immortal for some reason?????

skull studies! i'm trying to do one a day..! also trying to make them fun n interesting for myself πŸ’€

🐹 🐹 🐹

i actually have no idea what i wanna post here πŸ’¦

what if i.. copy pasted her boot.. from her older art..
instead of redrawing it...

aha ha, just kidding..

how i feel rn trying to figure this site out ssdgfSKDGLSD

hi everyone!! i'm jj! i love love love ocs and scifi ✨ i also love ffxiv but i'm currently unsubbed n it hurts πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”


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