i miss my minion 馃槶 !!!!!!!!

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@jjunkyard I LOVE YOUR ART SOOO MUCH N ALL YOUR BABIES TOO!!!! LOOK AT HIS LEGS!!!!!!!! also i love how you draw arm anatomy too???? bASICALLY ALL LIMBS YOU DO ARE SO SEXYY... puts my head between his fist kiww me i dare u

@NEBU WAAHHH FJSJHFKDF THANK UUUU GDJDHFJD ik nothing abt arms i had to look at 3363i7482 refs...dont b fooled...cuz i kno nothibng... my limbs can never b as NYAMMY as urs!!!!!! 馃ズ馃挊馃挊馃挊 GDJDJSJDH dw he'll kiww u alright when we finally pway togethur >:333

@jjunkyard WHATAJKDJLASDL HOW IS YOUR ANATOMY SO GOOD IF YOU DONT KNOW KLJDJASDL i need me some of that not knowing!!!! your limbs are the nyammiest nyammies of alll

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