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Liner notes: most of my friends in school were musicians, so I got a lot of exposure to electronic music equipment and even had a keyboard and sang in a band for a while.

Also: I've learned since this drawing was created how I should have drawn a few construction lines to get the perspective on the rack to fit in with the rest of the scene.

Also: I promise I have never hooked animals up to live audio equipment.

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Bit nervous about sharing this in public as I am a complete beginner (and not very arty generally, but trying to explore) so... This is my first attempt at #comics colouring! Line art by Javier Aranda Sanchez from 'The Liberator'. This one panel has taken about two days, spread over two months 😆 Gradually getting faster though!

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Stage 3 - pencils

Thank goodness for the warp tool, great for adjusting oddly shaped heads.

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Here's a quickie character design from last night, using some excellent tips from @FRENDEN (thanks Ray!). She doesn't have a name yet, but will probably join the cast of

A thing I did with the perspective tools in , I still don't know anything about color or painting.

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Boost if you have no idea wtf is going on

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I’m seeing a lot of new faces which is rad. Here’s some work to give you an idea of what I like to make.

Hint, monsters. Lots of monsters.

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