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Definitely do not stare at her or attempt to engage in any way. If you're on the phone, don't talk about her. You'll be AMAZED at the number of men who do this and think it's perfectly normal & non threatening.


Hi Ladies 👋🏾 I am super conscious as a man when walking behind lone women at night, often I cross the street to alleviate as much anxiety as possible. What other advice can you offer to me to be a better ally in this situation?!


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@Curator We are also currently on the look out for an artist to work with. A paid gig to do the cover for the album

The album's planned to be released on CD. How fantastic

But the artist we would like to work with HAS to fall under at least one of these:
* female identifying
* disabled

No straight whites dudes, please

We want to work with talent that hasn't had this chance before. There is enough time given to the wrong people

Time for change & give others a chance

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Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

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Wer hat dem wird gegeben.
Die reichsten 10% der Deutschen besitzen 2/3 des Gesamtvermögens. Sie geben dieses Vermögen geballt an ihre Kinder weiter. Umso mehr Geld umso geringer die Steuern (Erbschaften über 20.000.000 werden durchschnittlich nur mit 2% besteuert).

#Marx so: „Die Geschichte aller bisherigen Gesellschaft ist die Geschichte von Klassenkämpfen.“

Konklusion: Die Steuern auf Erbschaften, Vermögen, Einkommen und beim täglichen Einkauf sind #Klassenkampf von oben!

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@jfml Btw: this is a close-up on the hair and hear of Shichimi ( nothing obscene 😆 ) Zoom-out:

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I'm flatting my comic pages and Krita 'Colorize Mask' is really 🤯
Here are two screenshots: the input with lineart scribbled with color indicators and then the output rendering. This feature saves me hours!
(Note: I use random colors to split areas −WIP−).
#krita #webcomic

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@Curator Here's my embroidery challenge this month.

Everyday but Saturdays I'm trying a different stitch. I've learned a lot an I love most of it !

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So viele illegale #Waldrodungen wie nie 🌳 😲😢🌲

Arbeiter haben gerade in #Neumünster einen #Wald illegal gerodet. Wochen vorher passierte ähnliches in #Quickborn, in #Bargteheide und in #Aumühle. Nur etwa elf Prozent der Fläche in Schleswig-Holstein sind mit #Wald bedeckt.

#Bäume dürfen nur noch bis Ende Februar gefällt werden, wenn es eine Genehmigung gibt. Doch in diesem Winter wurden in Schleswig-Holstein besonders viele #Wälder gerodet, ohne Erlaubnis.

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Statt es wie Neuseeland & Australien zu machen und ein echtes back to normal hinzubekommen, haben wir uns diese lange Qual durch ständige Einschränkungen selbst mit unserer Ungeduld eingebrockt. Und wir lernen immer noch nicht daraus. Das ist so frustrierend. 😪

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

If only transphobic Muslim understood this my life as a Muslim trans girl would be greatly improved but bigoted people don't have empathy for trans people

Anyone else find looking at progress bars (of downloads, file copying etc.) strangely calming/satisfying? Why is that?

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Small list of lesbian manga/webcomics recommandations

Please note I did not include trigger warnings, if you have specific triggers don't hesitate to ask

I did not include descriptions neither as they are fictions I already talked about

She becomes a tree
finished, very short

Tamen de gushi
not finished, school setup

not finished, school setup

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Rassismus im Fernsehen, Black Facing 

Ist ja nicht so, dass der WDR erst vor kurzem sich entschuldigt hatte und jetzt schon wieder so eine rassistische Scheiße reproduziert.

Schon der zweite große Fail, während des diesjährigen Black History Month. Das kann doch nicht deren Ernst sein...


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This #ILoveFS day, we say "Thank you!" to the #FreeSoftware community by releasing our new #Planado tool under a #FOSS license!

It is a simple, lightweight and trivial to host scheduling and room reservation tool for the #FreeSoftware #videoconference #JitsiMeet #jitsi

➡️Developers can find the #code now at
➡️Users may test Planado live at!
➡️Read also our #blog|post about today's I Love Free Software day & Planado: 💻💚

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