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Today, @elsevier@twitter.com announces that from now all publications of all its newspapers in all subjects and all languages will always be accessible under #ccbysa license, finally achieving the long-awaited #openaccessZEN. Thank you for your support. Ping

🐦🔗: twitter.com/npettiaux/status/1

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Racism, COVID-19, venting. 

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#drip - a menstrual cycle and fertility tracking app is now available via F-Droid 🎉 : f-droid.org/packages/com.drip/

@fdroidorg O wow, the UI on this looks amazing ✨💖

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** Tomorrow is April first, and many places have traditions of invented news stories designed to trick people.
If you're thinking of posting one, please consider that people are worried and anxious, and ask yourself if you really need to do an April Fools this year. **

@bubi Nice, the Orion nebula. I was just trying to build that in Unity3D this morning (and didn't get very far).

@a_breakin_glass @pie Is that Microsoft Teams feature? If that's the case they clearly got their priorities right ^__^

@red We're talking historical ✔️ AND current ✔️ high seas piracy, right?

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Geschäfte, die in ihrem Insta nur den Straßennamen aber nicht die Stadt angeben, weil sie ja in einer so coolen Stadt wohnen, dass es eh nur Berlinlondontokyonyc sein kann 🖕

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production companies rarely sign exclusivity deals for their shows. This is why if you watch a Japanese trailer for an anime, you'll usually see that it's airing on 6 or 7 different TV channels. This implies that when a show is "exclusive" to one anime streaming service in the west, it's most likely that the exclusivity deal was struck between the competing American streaming services, not involving the anime producers (who probably want their show in front of as many people as possible).

@ChrisTalleras @Ayior Cool, you're right and apparently Scribus can also handle CMYK, so you could potentially use either of those to convert vector files from Inkscape (the latter only if you want a rasterized image):


I'll need to look into that! ^__^

@ChrisTalleras @Ayior This is interesting to me, I guess they are mostly digital designers? One of the reasons I feel i can't switch to Inkscape or something similar is because I haven't yet come across a FOSS Adobe competitor that can handle CMYK colour space/profiles. And you do need that for professional printing, afaik.

@fschaap @Ayior @OTheB Same goes for these "block windows spying"-apps. I feel like they've might be the reason for borked windows setips I've used in the past. Right now I just went through the privacy portion of the system settings and disabled everything that sounded fishy.

@fschaap @Ayior @OTheB SimpleWall can also block windows-processes from phoning home but it's obviously your own call to brake your system by doing that or potentially limiting security (I've heard a lot of tech-people saying that they'd rather use the build-in windows antimalware tools than snake-oil-third-party-viris-scanners so it might not be in your best interest to block that from phoning home).

@fschaap @Ayior @OTheB I've switched from MacOS to Windoge recently (cause some Unity-Assets are Windows-only and Mac-hardware is ludicrously expensive) and I've found that SimpleWall ( henrypp.org/product/simplewall ) is an ok replacement for Little Snitch/ Hands Off.

It apparently also can block Windows Telemetry (there options for that enabled by default haven't touched them).

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@JudgementDay It's the opposite with animation for me though, while there are a few cool animated movies and series from The West™️, anime is just on such a different level technically and story/content-wise I'm hesitant to actually compare the two.

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