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apparently there is an industry term for sky replacements in real estate photos that make it ugly. They call them nuclear skies because they completely pull your focus away from the home and typically aren't color corrected.

@reyhan krass, meistens muss da doch dann nur noch mehr guthaben raufgeladen werden um sie wieder zu aktivieren (was auch bs is) aber neue sim hab ich ja noch nie gehört

awful migra person’s self published crap 

@MicroSFF I feel like there's a profound lesson for humanity to be learned from this ... Not sure what it is, though ^__^

@franzi Ich benutze Signal mit Lineage ohne Playservices. Geht ganz gut, Signal hat sonen Backgroundservice, der dann wohl nach Nachrichten schaut (auch ohne, dass du die App öffnen musst wie bei Threema 🙄)

@RLetot @switchingsocial what i'm looking for is a website like meet.jitsi (which is a nogo thanks to google analytics) without the video-calling and only the chat where i can just send the link to someone and start chatting no sign-ups, accounts etc. mmmh, nextcloud talk could do this, maybe?

@RLetot @switchingsocial I've tried Riot multiple times over the years but the way they handle encryption is too much on the safe side and therefore not userfriendly enough for me. I delete devices and import and export chat-histories or whathaveyou and it get's super frustrating super fast.

@switchingsocial you don't happen to know a browser chat that is encrypted where i can just share the link with someone (i know browser chats should not be used for critical stuff but …). like the good old crypto cat? though that might have been an addon?

@sandrockcstm That's so cool! Do you know what's that region in the upper left corner with all the planets?

@Blue1337Blood Ah, ok. Dann ist es echt so wie so olles Schulklo-Kekrakel à la: "Ich liebe Bernd, gez. Torben", nice ^__^

@darckcrystale How do these work? Are they sending malware/phishing links?

@Blue1337Blood Dieses "gezeichnet" erschließt sich mir so garnicht, was bedeutet das?

@Blue1337Blood Weil alle anderen, bisherigen Bonds nich männlich und weiß waren? In der Welt möchte ich auch leben! 🙄

@wdr Today in Wer Hat Uns Verraten. Klar wählt die SPD Zensursula.

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For anyone still confused:

Please remember that actual freedom of speech does not mean you have a right to a platform and listeners. Your freedom is unaffected by being muted, blocked, or banned. You’re still free to stand on whatever street corner you choose and rant at whoever will listen.

But when you’re in someone else’s house, you play by their rules. You’re there because they allow you to be, and that privilege can and will be revoked if they decide they don’t want you there.

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@ozjimbob There's this song by German indierock legend Tocotronic called "Aber hier leben, nein danke" ("But living here, no thanks") ^__^

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