@DavidBosman I love Syncthing to bits as well, it's amazing!

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Neat and short intro to Syncthing — a crossplatform tool to sync files between computers and devices without using a third-party cloud service.


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The #GreatGreenWall is Africa's flagship initiative to combat the increasing #desertification. Led by the African Union, the initiative aims to transform the lives of millions of people by creating a mosaic of green and productive landscapes across North Africa. (Wikipedia)

Follow this account to read about the #history, #ambition, #challenges and #results of the GGW. I will also post #news articles, #ForestFacts, describe the wall's #partners and the Great Green Wall #film.

I'm a private person doing this in my spare time, but if this account gets lots of followers I'll contact the people behind the GGW and ask if I can join their social media team and maintain an official account.

#desert #forest #climate #forestation #reforestation #ClimateMitigation #trees #CO2 #africa #sahara #sahel

@zughy Cool, thanks! (Yours looks even better! ^__^)

@zughy I love it! Would you mind linking the tutorial? I'm learning blender atm ^__^

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Your shadow shows that light has come nearly 150 x 10^9 m, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in its final metre, thanks to you.

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i view bitcoin and blockchain as a sort of antithesis to the promise of P2P and digital data, because artificial scarcity is a myth to digital data and it was all about sharing for mutual benefit

to see it used to enforce an artificial scarcity with greed and CO2 is perverse

@Blue1337Blood Jetzt will ich bananen- und birnenförmige Sterne sehen ^__^

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@Calluna Always wondered about this, isn't the place in front the most exhausting to be in (most air resitance/drag)? Would the places far back be the best?

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Definitely do not stare at her or attempt to engage in any way. If you're on the phone, don't talk about her. You'll be AMAZED at the number of men who do this and think it's perfectly normal & non threatening.

RT @MrJayPerry@twitter.com

Hi Ladies 👋🏾 I am super conscious as a man when walking behind lone women at night, often I cross the street to alleviate as much anxiety as possible. What other advice can you offer to me to be a better ally in this situation?!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MrJayPerry/status/

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@Curator We are also currently on the look out for an artist to work with. A paid gig to do the cover for the album

The album's planned to be released on CD. How fantastic

But the artist we would like to work with HAS to fall under at least one of these:
* female identifying
* disabled

No straight whites dudes, please

We want to work with talent that hasn't had this chance before. There is enough time given to the wrong people

Time for change & give others a chance

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Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

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