Illustrations with eye-contact. 

Meet Jen who got transported to a magical realm when meeting this magical fluffy doggo (who was much smaller in her world)! But to go on adventures you need to be well rested so lots of naps are in order ^__^

Here's my entry for @ellievsbear 's redrawchallenge 😽

My new and shiny Etsy shop is all stocked now! 😽 So if you could not come to @colonyofartists now is your chance ^__^


I'm still kinda overwhelmed by how amazing @colonyofartists was ^__^

Huge thanks to Kat and the team for making this event possible and everyone who stopped by to talk and look at my art!

Definitely will be doing this and similar things again! 😽

Illustrated eye-contact is happening tomorrow (and Sunday as well!)! Come by to venue 33 in the Abbeyhill Colonies to have a wee chat with and me. And 72 (🤯) other artists! I hear there's also gonna be music and food ^__^

Illustration of food 

The @colonyofartists garden party is this weekend from 11-6pm! Come round for some art, food and nice people ^__^

One of the very few of my that are inspired by Real Life ™️ but this was just too ! (That heart-shaped white spot! 😻 )

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