So take this with a truckload of salt since it's one woke white dude recommending another woke white dude but:

(So far) Max Gladstone's „Empress of Forever“ is a pretty awesome ride: Asian-American main char, galactic civilisations, the cloud(tm) as a means of transport, a sinister answer to the fermi-paradox … if you're interested in and this one might be for you.

(Also don't be put off that blandest of bland bock standard cover +___+)

Oh while I'm on the topic of :

If you like intelligent (or to) everything by Vandana Singh you can get your hands on.

She. Is. Amazing.

I don't know many authors that blow my mind on a regular basis but she certainly is one (and N. K. Jemisin another ^__^).

I think you can still buy her newest collection but she also has a few stories online from Lightspeed etc:

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Ooooohhh, nice play on ye olde chosen one-trope as well!

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@jfml Thanks! Max Gladstone has been on my radar but I've read too much by non-woke white dudes so I was a little leery.

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