There's a really lovely comics festival in Ohio called Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, and they just opened up exhibitor applications:

If there are any cartoonists on who are close to Central Ohio, you will definitely enjoy being there, even if you're not tabling.

Worth saying at the top of every year. Let's all do our best!

Thirty years ago I drew Spidey on my parents' basement wall (Well, I *copied* the drawing from the issue number box from a McFarlane Spidey).

Working on comics at a comics museum. It's amazing to me still that I get to do this.

Space alphabet part two: in 2005 I tried to incorporate the design of those letters into the logo for Silver and the Periodic Forces, a comic based on a character and premise I came up with in 5th grade.

Waaay back in 2001 I was working on a science fiction graphic novel that I described in my youthful arrogance as "Tolkien in space." Of course that meant I had to design my own space alphabet.

To my credit, I *did* try to design letter forms that visualized what I thought the sounds would look like (vowels are round, hard sounds are angular, etc). But otherwise it was just plain unexamined mimicry.

(background photo from

Jerzy boosted has enabled mobile apis. There are some caveats:

- Accounts with 2FA enabled do not work yet
- Apps may crash on notifications or settings pages

I'll be working on fixing the endpoints to ensure 100% compatibility! #pixelfed

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