I miss bowling night art drops. I loved scrambling to make an interesting drawing between turns and hiding them in the bowling alley. This was one of my favorites--inspired by many conversations with a friend enthusiastic about Ben-Hur. Would Baron von Bear ever wind up in a chariot race? Maybe?

I'm also not sure when the order of the wisps in his staff got sorted into that order (top to bottom: Green, Blue, Violet, and Orange), but that's the order now.

Kids on a spooky adventure. I don't know what this is--just finishing a drawing I had sketched a few weeks back.

I haven't had much time to draw for myself lately. This was refreshing.

2020 goals: Get that Cap'n Cat pitch done. I'd love to get to draw a book about these two.

(art from an unfinished story where they meet ghosts)

Nightmare Pro Wrestling is a webcomic that takes place in a world filled with spooky monsters whose favorite pastime is watching wrestling matches.

I drew the latest 20-page match, which you can read in its entirety at nightmareprowrestling.com

The Ugees (YOU-jeez). Self-upgraded post-apocalypse teens who savagely attack the Cull. Not for justice, but for fun.

The new characters in the latest CPTN SRSLY comic. Dreadnoks meet Junkions.

You can read the 40-page comic for free here: srslychelsea.org/cptnsrsly/

Baron von Bear v. the Horse Skeletons. Penciled in CSP, inked on watercolor paper, then colored in CSP. Desktop-sized image with process photos over on my Patreon (patreon.com/jerzy).

Proud crow I drew last night during a live stream with my buddy Zack. Going to do more of that at twitch.tv/jerzydrozd

Here's something I haven't done in a while. A Pickles and Taft art drop. Watercolors on a postcard, so you can send a nice note to a friend.

There's a really lovely comics festival in Ohio called Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, and they just opened up exhibitor applications: cartooncrossroadscolumbus.org/

If there are any cartoonists on who are close to Central Ohio, you will definitely enjoy being there, even if you're not tabling.

Worth saying at the top of every year. Let's all do our best!

Thirty years ago I drew Spidey on my parents' basement wall (Well, I *copied* the drawing from the issue number box from a McFarlane Spidey).

Working on comics at a comics museum. It's amazing to me still that I get to do this.

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