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Science Comics: Rockets is a comics documentary about the history and science of rockets as told by the animals who participated in rocket history. In bookstores everywhere, more info here:

A spot illustration I did for the local newspaper (the Morning Sun) in 1996. If memory serves it accompanied an article about fossil fuels?
I also did the ruby lith spot color separations on the piece. Wish I still had the transparencies.

The treacherous Traptor wants to capture the Baron’s wisps! A quick art drop while I wait for a pizza.

I co-organize a comics festival called the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (A2CAF). Tables are free for artists, and applications are open until February 15:

Last year I got to draw an issue of Nightmare Pro Wrestling, one of my favorite comics. It's very exciting to see the final colors applied and the production finalized:

Grappling with updating some 2007 character designs for a new mini comic. Details on my Patreon (public post):

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