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Science Comics: Rockets is a comics documentary about the history and science of rockets as told by the animals who participated in rocket history. In bookstores everywhere, more info here:

Hey! I got @boulderandfleet: Mining for Trouble in print! Been fiddling with this cover for months, and it feels good to finally let it go and let the book exist.

Ever since I decided on the square format I was imagining the print edition presentation evoking the look of the old Super Adventure Books. I don’t think this will be a selling point, but it makes me happy.

It should be on sale online in the next few weeks.

A piece I made for the American Library Association Annual Conference art auction back in 2014.

Some waiting room sketching before I get my pupils dilated. No drawing this afternoon! :/

I’ve long since lost track of who did what on The Warren Commission Report comic, but I do remember that I penciled this panel and Ernie Colòn inked it and that remains one of the top experiences of my life.

I have a 4+ hour online workshop that explores the theory and practice of sound design in comics that you can download at a price of your choosing (even free!):

And I spent another hour demonstrating how I do sound design in Clip Studio Paint on the Lean Into Art Cast:

Anyone else here ever read this line of choose your own adventure books? This one in particular was a favorite of mine:

The fun of setting up acting moments in the thumbnails that you’re not sure you can deliver on.

Bowling night art drop no 6 for 2019 Super Sweet Bowling Season. A student request: “draw a six-legged bear”.

Bowling night art drop no 5 for the 2019 season of Super Sweet Bowling. The crocuses are coming, the crocuses are coming!

(For my pal Jesse)

Finished my first full week in Columbus, which I suppose means we're really living here, now.

I will always miss living in Ann Arbor, but the warm welcome we've received in Columbus so far has given this next chapter a bright and hopeful start.

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