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Science Comics: Rockets is a comics documentary about the history and science of rockets as told by the animals who participated in rocket history. In bookstores everywhere, more info here:

The fun of setting up acting moments in the thumbnails that you’re not sure you can deliver on.

Bowling night art drop no 6 for 2019 Super Sweet Bowling Season. A student request: “draw a six-legged bear”.

Bowling night art drop no 5 for the 2019 season of Super Sweet Bowling. The crocuses are coming, the crocuses are coming!

(For my pal Jesse)

Finished my first full week in Columbus, which I suppose means we're really living here, now.

I will always miss living in Ann Arbor, but the warm welcome we've received in Columbus so far has given this next chapter a bright and hopeful start.

The cover to chapter one of Amazon Academy, the magic girls school comic I’ve been working on with Dan Mishkin (Superman, Wonder Woman, Blue Devil, Amethyst). Sign up for the mailing list ( to find out how to get a print and pdf copy.

A spot illustration I did for the local newspaper (the Morning Sun) in 1996. If memory serves it accompanied an article about fossil fuels?
I also did the ruby lith spot color separations on the piece. Wish I still had the transparencies.

The treacherous Traptor wants to capture the Baron’s wisps! A quick art drop while I wait for a pizza.

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