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Science Comics: Rockets is a comics documentary about the history and science of rockets as told by the animals who participated in rocket history. In bookstores everywhere, more info here:

I've been doing various hacks to the Inktober challenge to help me develop shippable products. This year I'm going to go sideways and use the 31-day challenge to develop a graphic novel pitch.

A pitch calls for a lot more than pen and ink drawings, so I could hardly call it my entry for Inktober. I'll be playing my own game alongside everyone else.

I wrote about it on my Patreon (public post):

In the latest Lean Into Art Cast, Rob Stenzinger and I explore how we're thinking about hacking creative challenges like Inktober in 2019.

Trying to push designs in my sketchbook. Pickles and Taft, characters from a mini-comic you can download for free, here:

Good night, Columbus. The Clippers lost game three of the playoffs, but that just means we get another game in the series!

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My Making Comics class with Community Ed begins tomorrow! We still have spaces left, if you'd like to learn about comic craft in a collaborative and welcoming setting! NCE offers affordable class options (and scholarships!) and I'm bringing in art goodies like artbooks, minicomics, zines, brushes, and nibs to get you inspired!

Register here:

I posted another Masters of the Universe watercolor drawing to my Etsy. It's Whiplash!

Going to stream live while I ink this starting 2:15pm ET.

A Trap Jaw watercolor that’s going out with the Beast Man one I posted a few days ago. These watercolor crayons are pretty fun to use.

In the latest Lean Into Art Cast, Rob and I looked at how viewing angles contribute to the meaning of story. Rob pitched me feelings words, and I drew them from various angles to see how it changed the feeling.

You can watch the whole episode here:

My pal Gregg Schigiel (of SpongeBob Comics fame) is posting more drawing process videos to YouTube:

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