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Hi, I'm Jeremy Putnam! I'm an up-and-coming artist interested in illustration, sequential art, and 3D graphics.

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Another Commodore Norrington,but as Pirate King. What should he be saying? 🏴‍☠️

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Sad news for all evil-looking buildings lovers: the incredible Centennial Memorial Tower in Sapporo, Japan (Kume Sekkei, 1970) looks set to be finally demolished
[unknown / Vealor]

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Today would be a good day for the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Bill.

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I tried to give a @trigger_inc vibe to this cover, and @WalterBaiamonte totally nailed it with colors on this Legacy Cover for @boomstudios 🔥🔥🔥

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💀🎨Horror, but colourful!

Something from the archives, a mini series of illustrations inspired by classic horror tales.

📕The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.

Paint, charcoal, digital.

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pete davidson, travis barker, and machine gun kelly are the manic pixie dream girl of men….. the chaos goblin line cook

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BREAKING: Modi has just announced that all three Farm Laws will be repealed.

Over 360 days of protests & over 600 farmers dead. A defeat made possible through the sheer will & determination of India’s farmers. A great victory & a enormous climbdown by the government.

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It's time now for the Senate to finish the job and pass this bill as soon as possible. We must deliver these much needed investments in the American people and our future without delay.

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My full statement on the House passage of the Build Back Better Act.⬇️

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In the Rittenhouse case, the 13th juror was the judge.

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Absolutely ridiculous, enraging, and sadly not surprising.

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From the start, I've made it absolutely clear: we need both the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Act to give families, workers, and small businesses the opportunities they need to succeed. The Senate should vote on Build Back Better as soon as possible.

Name a scene in a film that makes you cry: 😭

How can just the gif start making me well up?
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Name a scene in a film that makes you cry: 😭

I cry just THINKING about John Coffey.

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I already tweeted about this, but I’m really worried.

Grassroots donations from have dropped sharply, and they’re our only source of funding.

Can I count on you to RT and chip in so we can keep up our efforts?

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Patients have been denied contraception at the pharmacy in at least 25 states. This threatens their freedom to decide if and when to have kids—and their economic security. Today, my colleagues and I introduced legislation to better protect patients.

Friends and family loved this one but it didn't really do numbers online.
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heck with your most popular art, show me your least popular art that you actually think deserved better

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Hola Ladies and Gentlemen! We decided to take a bit rest from toku universe event and try to challenge our members with Gundam Events! Deadline: December 16th, the rules are in the message

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