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Hi, I'm Jeremy Putnam! I'm an up-and-coming artist interested in illustration, sequential art, and 3D graphics.

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Seriously even if you don't give two shits about Spiderman but like animation, pop art, bright colors, and character design .... GO SEE IT IF U CAN

Captain Bones Grimm and the Silent Shanty!
Inktober 1/31
My first plan fell through & I almost gave up. My backup plan came through and I’m excited to see where this goes!

After Mark Siegel from First Second Books posted an animated trailer for 5Worlds I had to check it out. I loved it so much, with bits that reminded me of the best parts of Dune, Alita, & Nausicaa along with its own great original mythology. I highly recommend it. I had to draw Jessa!

Just sent off my final print for Fanx Salt Lake, Black Panther with Okoye and Shuri, to the printers! You can pick up this, my other prints, and stickers at PU26 in artist alley this Thursday through Saturday.

Who's going to FanX Salt Lake next week? I'll be at artist alley table PU26 next Thursday to Saturday, September 6th-8th with prints & stickers. Stop by and say hi!

Elora from Spyro! Had a lot of fun coloring this and hope the game comes out on Switch~

I don't say it often enough but thank you all for the boosts!

Made this awhile back and put it on twitter and Sean Chipman retweeted it and everyone was VERY impressed.

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