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Hi, I'm Jeremy Putnam! I'm an up-and-coming artist interested in illustration, sequential art, and 3D graphics.

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Digging back in to again, but instead of architecture I'm attempting Max Sterling's veritech from this time. After a couple false starts, and making it way too huge I think I found just the right size.

day 17! The Prince faced off against a tough Conker shell!

First track from new sea shanty album, Into The North!

Im ok if we dont see any more of Tulsi Gabbard

Anyone else hear the opening guitar riff to on Friday mornings and go "Welp, time to cry."?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’ve wanted to draw your characters for forever!

My Sequential Imaging class and I are using as a daily exercise to tell a story with no dialog in 31 images. (Words and iconography w/i the image are okay. )

🎃All Hallows Thieves🎃

Halloween '19 painting is ready! Happy spooky season!

1 - Very experimental for the moment, but it's the first gif I took, we decided to try a 2.5D style (thanks to ).

WHAT!?!? OMG!!!!!
‘Bone’: Netflix Will Animate Jeff Smith’s Acclaimed Comic Book Epic

Spectrum 26 has arrived! This book is full of amazing work by some of my favorite illustrators. I’m tickled pink and orange to be included with these two pieces.
(Cover art by

My answer to this Ellen question is that Republicans are trying to take your health care away.

Just finished’ excellent book about the psychology of video games and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in psychology, video games, OR Pete himself. Idk maybe you like Petes, I’d say pick it up even if you don’t like the first two things

Goth Jer thought Martin Gore had the right idea about hair.

Affirming that  is not a partisan, political statement. It’s an image of God proclamation.

The reason why affirming it is so important is because the vast majority of US history & current systems deny that reality.

Just started a list of various voxel Indie games so I won't miss any release. It's all on, with lots of cool stuff coming!

Day one of is the first page of a new mini comic- a prequel of sorts to my short story Wolves! Let’s see if I can make it through again this month lol 😂

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