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Hi, I'm Jeremy Putnam! I'm an up-and-coming artist interested in illustration, sequential art, and 3D graphics.

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After Mark Siegel from First Second Books posted an animated trailer for 5Worlds I had to check it out. I loved it so much, with bits that reminded me of the best parts of Dune, Alita, & Nausicaa along with its own great original mythology. I highly recommend it. I had to draw Jessa!

Just sent off my final print for Fanx Salt Lake, Black Panther with Okoye and Shuri, to the printers! You can pick up this, my other prints, and stickers at PU26 in artist alley this Thursday through Saturday.

Who's going to FanX Salt Lake next week? I'll be at artist alley table PU26 next Thursday to Saturday, September 6th-8th with prints & stickers. Stop by and say hi!

Trying to keep this one moving along so it's ready for next week. Inks done!

Alright, here it goes; my Patreon is what helps me make rent, work on new projects, and cope when depression hits because it helps me stay afloat.

I hope at some point it will let me afford mental health assessment and care, so if you dig my work and have $1 or $2 to spare a month you can check it out, every bit helps!

I can't update as reliably when bad brain is eating me up but I'm making progress towards a more reliable schedule. Thanks for checking it out!

Elora from Spyro! Had a lot of fun coloring this and hope the game comes out on Switch~

I don't say it often enough but thank you all for the boosts!

Made this awhile back and put it on twitter and Sean Chipman retweeted it and everyone was VERY impressed.

The pencils are complete on my Black Panther print! Going to hurry and get the inks and colors done so this is ready to go for FanX next weekend. .

Let's all give @Curator some love!!

Thank you so much for providing and nurturing this wonderfully creative, weird, and supportive community on Mastodon.ART. You make this all happen, and I'm so ding-dang thankful.

Keep being awesome, @Curator!

✨ 💛 :squishygecko: 💚 ✨

@Curator @pollomostro thank you for doing it! it's what makes you one of the best accounts on masto!

you must understand just how much I like to draw these

Anyway, hello everyone, I'm Mela, I draw. I mostly draw fan art, but we'll see where it goes from here.

I'm still trying to figure out Mastodon and looking to follow some nifty people! Cheers! 🍻

Heya, I'm Heather! I'm an artist/writer/comicker who has been completely won over by the Mastodon community. Y'all are so great!

🌿 Maker of @FriendsOfSam, and (on hiatus)

🌿 Gecko person :squishygecko:

🌿 One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎✍️

🌿 Canadian, polite and non-confrontational to a fault

🌿 White cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England

🌿 Trying to be aware of the grey between black and white

Trying to find a composition for a Black Panther print and I was told the first was too crowded, so I looked at 3-character posters and found one of the side characters stepping out from behind the central one and made the second.

Any preference, or suggestions to make it even better?

I’m seeing a lot of new faces which is rad. Here’s some work to give you an idea of what I like to make.

Hint, monsters. Lots of monsters.

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