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Hi, I'm Jeremy Putnam! I'm an up-and-coming artist interested in illustration, sequential art, and 3D graphics.

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STONE STAR Vol. 1: Fight or Flight, my latest creator-owned comic series put together with the one and only, is on sale.

Space-fantasy adventure on a gladiatorial arena ship roving the galaxy!

99¢ for 5 issues!

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Your support person got back to me tonight and I'm back in! Thanks!

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Hey , what's the average response time for account recovery tickets for ? I bought the game at launch but none of the automated recovery forms on the site are letting me login, so I filed a ticket.

3 days later I haven't heard anything.

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HEY! The Census is now! It's time! THIS IS YOUR TIME! Go! Now! Do your civic duty and also save someone from needing to knock on your door!

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Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne and Emmy-winning composer for 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,' has died at 52 from complications related to the coronavirus

Folks, here's something quick you can accomplish today that will have a big impact. Make sure you fill out the us to get representation, tax dollars, funding for projects, and infrastructure in your community!

Happy to everybody!

Remember everyone, you’re valid no matter what others say. Thank you to all that helped give me confidence to reach this point, and I’m here if y’all needs anything!

Even though things could be better, I’m still so much happier being me

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4 defining games:

1. Metroid
2. Phantasy Star
3. Military Madness (Nectaris)
4. Wing Commander


Hey everyone! JOIN US THIS SATURDAY APRIL 4th from NOON to 7pm Pacific as the cast/crew of binges our episodes on ! I'll tweet a link for you to join that morning! Requires you have and the plugin on your desktop/laptop!

Please stay home and stay safe humans ❤️

At what point do we invoke the 25th amendment, or lock him up, or just get RID if him. We can't DO THIS ANYMORE. We can't have this moron learning on the job while people are dying. We can't waste time on these daily stroke fests for him anymore!

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The number of times Andy says we lost a week and a number of lives because that fucking idiot in the Whitehouse took a week to learn something obvious in this thread...
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COVID Update March 30: Tonight’s update is going get to the heart of how Trump decided to make the leap to start discussing the potential US death toll from Coronavirus.

I talked to Italy, the White House, US hospitals and others…

I almost finished up the head today. I just need to add the fins tomorrow and then I can start on the body!

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Right now, I 100% recommend's Godot tutorial series on YouTube.

Download Godot for free here:

And get started on the tutorials here:

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