I don't want social media to get smarter, I want it to be dumb as a bucket of bricks. I want social media to have no goddamn idea what I want so it'll just give me what I asked for, like I wanted to begin with 😤

Tumblr is held together by old gum and weeds and it still works better than Twitter bcs I get to see posts from blogs I follow, what a revolutionary idea

@jendrawscomics I miss when Facebook only posted your friends' most recent status updates. You saw everything from everyone. And in third person by default. Back when it was about socialising.

@jendrawscomics I think exactly the about most of the "smart" thing that they want to force into my life.

I always said I want my computers to be dumb ... Please no inteligence whatsoever. Simple IF - THEN is fine with me.

@jendrawscomics smarter social media makes people dumber.

Also it allows corporations to control the narrative of any political/social event, which is dystopian.

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