NSFW artists I cannot stress enough to you that now is the time to make your own website and not rely on corporate social media as your home base
Apple is on a mission to wipe out adult work on every app in it's store and you gotta establish your own space ASAP 👏👏👏

Oh Jeeze is this in response to something happening specifically or just the general bad stuff Apple's been rolling out lately 😨

@kittyzz EBay is banning adult comics and manga and yaoi specifically, but penthouse and playboy are OK 🙄🙄🙄

Oh ffs what the hell, there's literally already an adult filter on eBay what the hell are they thinking?? Why even do this all it'll do is take listings away!!! 🙄

@kittyzz it'll basically have the effect of ppl not tagging things properly in order to avoid getting banned, which means you'll have things that normally would be safely hidden away from ppl who aren't looking for it! Stuff like this defies all logic haha it makes me so mad

@jendrawscomics working on it, but before I can get a domain name and shop site of my own, I have to get my sales up to where I can justify it. I make chainmaille bondage gear, harnesses and leashes and such, mostly for men, but the fancier stuff, like the thongs, are bespoke and a bit pricey compared to mass-market crap, and I've yet to build up a clientele sufficient to afford to make the jump. Apple is going to squeeze a lot of us out of business entirely, which is of course their idea.

@jendrawscomics absolutely

i'd extend this to every artist, nsfw or not. nsfw especially so because corporations are so hostile to adult content

@jendrawscomics first tumblr and now Apple. Why are corporations so anti-nsfw?

@AshBunny @jendrawscomics the shareholders are christofacists, if not the management itself

@jendrawscomics ngl.... I have said this, and encouraged this, for many years now and.... such suggestions just dont seem to go anywhere. Its gonna take people to lose their site more and more for people to understand what happens when you not only use social media...but that you use it to do the function of a website and you have put all your eggs into one basket

@jendrawscomics I already have this for my smut brand. Am about to help someone with theirs, and now wondering if I should write up a guide to do it inexpensively because I know a few inexpensive shared hosting services who allow nsfw content to be hosted (not every host does) and I know where the cheaper domain registrars are

@jendrawscomics now I just found this which I am tempted to give a trial out. My current host is, er, one of the more grey hosts wrt adult artwork...

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