Solve the writer/artist discourse by doing both jobs so when you go screaming into the night with a ten year epic on your hands you have only yourself to blame lol

Yeah, that's what made me stop. The general advice I've heard in most fields is "start with shorts", but my ideas kept going into the hige epic range. I couldn't handle the scale of the task.

@carver @jendrawscomics Same, I have a back burner story that I'll only finish if it's a short story. Less than 100 pages. But it really wants to be a world spanning epic about saving the universe.

@Andy_P @jendrawscomics
I've been looking at comic strips and how they break a long story into four-panel segments. I keep thinking that, just maybe, if it is possible to break an epic down into these really small segments, the whole thing might be do-able. (or not. The plight of the artist; biting off more than one can chew)

@carver @jendrawscomics Artist: I think I can manage this. Better pile on more!

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