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Heyooo here's your one tweet summary of what I draw and where to find it! 💪💪💪🤘
SFW Comics:
Sketch Gallery:
18+ Work: &
Chest Hair Brushes:

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Better get some art up here so you aren't sideswiped by all the shirtless beefcake later lol

This is the kind of art I make! If it's got a bare butt in it or is hiiiighly suggestive I will be sure to stuff it behind a sensitive media click-thru for ya 😤 💪

"Ppl can't just share their pin/pillow/mousepad/charms manufacturers like that!!!!! the quality will go down and orders will get backed up!!!!!"
ok I guess but its 2020 we might not make it to 2021 can't I just make one single pillow of my OC lounging

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Are ppl still hoarding their dakimakura manufacturer info like it's a restricted national security secret or have we moved past that

I have years of smut stuff to make yet and that doesn't even include all the fan comic content lol

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I guess I better uh hurry up and finish all my smut work before the internet as we know it ends, huh

Of course, cascading effects include the death knoll for sex education and LGBTQ+ resources online, so it's not JUST drawing tiddy 💀

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I hate that every time some law like this comes around and ppl discuss it there's always some moron who's all Oh boo hoo you might lose your ability to post tiddies, so sad for you

Like...that's some ppl's entire income, butt out of the conversation if it doesn't apply to you

EARN IT Act implications 

All of it, folks. All the dirty fan fic, fan art, the smut comics, etc. It will be much easier for platforms to just wholesale ban that stuff than try and micromanage it 😬

this is a shitpost but what if we just committed to it 👀👀

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Tired: guys wearing heavy fantasy armor
Wired: guys wearing heavy fantasy armor on the shoulders only, thong underneath

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I don't understand why there aren't just wall to wall guys wearing little conan the barbarian booty shorts in the fantasy genre, look at the opportunity you have

I have made like 12 different PDFs of the first chapter of EA and damn if I don't see something I need to tweak each time lol I need an editor

Am I successful? Probably not by any other measure but my own. I don't support myself entirely with my art, but 🤷🤷🤷 I think that's ok and I'm still getting to draw my comics, just slower than I'd like!

Measure your successes against your own path, not someone else's! ❤️

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And that pretty much was the last time I seriously bothered looking for Industry Art Jobs, bcs I'm stubborn and I wanted to do my own comics or nothing at all lol

So now here I am, working a full time job while also drawing comics the rest of the time on Patreon 💪

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But my ass was also like, 22 and living at home with no rent or bills, and then when that was done I had to go out and get a regular job while I looked for more art stuff
I got offered a job to do character design for a game company but it was in California and I was scared lol

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I see a lot of "full time freelance straight out of school is a myth" type posts and it's funny bcs my experience was the opposite

I got to draw two children's graphic novel retellings of classic stories that carried me through a year or so after college

Oh no I am back on the Unsolved Mysteries train here we GOOOO

You ever just gamble in a high stakes game of Dump This Bag Of Spinach Directly Into The Steamer Without Checking For Bad Leaves
You could say that I'm a chaotic good

I should continue the trend of posting all my spicy things at night when I remember to use the damn tag I made specifically for that lolll

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