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Heyoooo I draw spicy comics featuring buff guys and kissing because I have to go where my heart leads and predictably it's directly into shirtless pecs and walls of abs💪💪💪

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Better get some art up here so you aren't sideswiped by all the shirtless beefcake later lol

This is the kind of art I make! If it's got a bare butt in it or is hiiiighly suggestive I will be sure to stuff it behind a sensitive media click-thru for ya 😤 💪

Watched the episode of aggresuko where the weirdo fan said a bunch of mean things to her oh noooo

I'm Hongry 🍖

That's being hungry in Bawlmer, home of the Bawlmer Hons

Love that Twitter isn't showing me like half the replies on my timeline anymore
If I haven't replied or at least slammed the like button on your response today it's bcs I haven't seen it 💀

I gotta say I wouldn't have guessed that there'd been far more thirst art on my timeline for the rainbow astronauts than that one tiddy out Hades character

Everyone calm down I am now informed Brett was pulling my leg there's no need to panic lol

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I did not enjoy my starship trooper experience lol

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Why is it like 3 hours long
Why is there no plot at all
Why is there random "commercials" dispersed through the movie
Are you not a citizen of you don't become a soldier?
Why do they have mechanical arms but apparently not mechanical legs
Why is everyone so punchable

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We had starship troopers on while we were playing a game the other night bcs I've somehow never seen it and I kept asking Brett if he was SURE this movie wasn't meant to be a parody and he insists it's meant to be serious and I just

Me the first time I listened to this band: I'm sorry, is this song about an evil bicycle

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It's a Coheed and Cambria epic ballad sort of day🤘🎶

College was when I had the time and energy to draw one million pieces of fan art lol those were the days

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Brett wrapped my giant Doc Ock figurine with love and care as I hovered overhead and reminded him how obsessed I was with this character and he looked at me while sitting in front of like 6 other doc ock figures and a signed alfred molina print and said "I hadn't known"

The cat is sitting among the small stack of cardboard boxes we've got packed and glaring at me. Same, kitty

The fact that looking at pictures of flowers has been soothing my soul lately just confirms that as I get older I'm turning into my aunt which is awesome actually

I heard something that sounded like a really noisy bird today and I was like How interesting what kind of bird could that possibly be???

Turns out it was a dog squeaky toy two houses away lolll

Convinced this is the only way anyone eats plain raw celery

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Anything you eat with peanut butter on it becomes solely a vehicle for the peanut butter, the real star of the show

I thought I basically knew what flowers looked like until I started following gardening twitter and hey turns out I don't know anything

Anyway you should follow @/makinggardens so you too can yell What IS That

When someone leaves a nice comment on your smutty webcomic 😌♥️

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