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I am now at the point where I assume any new start up app or p*treon-esque service is not going to support NSFW creators simply bcs they lack the monetary ability/clout to do so, not bcs they don't WANT to

LimeSurvey is a free open source alternative to Google Forms, SurveyMonkey etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey can be self-hosted free of charge, or you can use their paid hosted service.

Their site is at

The git is at

#LimeSurvey #GoogleForms #SurveyMonkey #Forms #Surveys #Alternatives #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Productivity #Business #SelfHosting

I am scared of only one of the potential side effects and it is the Migraine That Wakes You Up at 3am That Night and I really hope that one misses me hhhhh😬

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Gonna get my second vaccine dose next Sunday and I'm ready, put me in coach I'm READY

Here's a great read for anyone following the slow (too slow) collapse of the cryptocurrency world:

Petit wip que je suis présentement e. train de ruiner avec un choix de couleurs douteux

#art #mastoart

So, your a content creator who makes not family safe and/or queer content and you're worried about puritanical USian corporate social media completely destroying your ability to publish your work.

You decide you need a website. But don't know where to start.

Well, :thread:

Watching Contact for the 60 millionth time while I ink and I still get into the scene where Ellie hears the signal for the first time haha

Making cajun red beans and rice but forgot it takes 2 hours to simmer :anime stomach growl noise:

It reminds me of how it was like, promiscuous to show a little bit of ankle or wrist in ye olden times or whatever lol

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Every now and then I look at the thing tapas sent me on the proper way to censor smut in my comic and it's two ppl but the entire panel from their necks to their ankles was a white censor lol

My script just says "Al gives her a look" and I knew what look I meant

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I have so many thoughts about how mainstream social media could make it easier for NSFW artist to peacefully coexist in the same space as SFW but then I see someone be like "I don't want to see your stupid shitty dick drawings pop up on my feed" and I just deflate haha

Finally warm enough and not too windy to open all the windows and someone in the neighborhood is BUMPIN' their stereo, it feels like summer haha

Brought to you by me trying to save a resized PSD file and realizing my only save options were .tiff and .psd and googling to see if I had lost my mind lol

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📢Heads up PS users, saving a PSD file as a jpg can't be done thru "Save As" anymore, you gotta use "Save a Copy" in the latest version

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills whenever I see indie adult content get scrubbed out on platforms but porn bots and corporate porn sites/accounts continue to thrive
It's never been about "protecting ppl from porn", and anyone who still thinks that is driving me up the wall lol

I cannot type guarantee with spell checker swooping in to save me on desktop, but my phone autocorrect just lets me sit there and type gaurentee sixteen times before it rolls it's eyes and gives me the right spelling

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