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Better get some art up here so you aren't sideswiped by all the shirtless beefcake later lol

This is the kind of art I make! If it's got a bare butt in it or is hiiiighly suggestive I will be sure to stuff it behind a sensitive media click-thru for ya 😤 💪

I remember the time I tried to get into the "adoptable character" art market and failed bcs I'd draw a character, immediately fall in love, and couldn't put them up for sale lmao

There are 2 types of artists and I'm the one who is clutching every OC I've ever made and crying

Eventually he's gonna have to help me cut my hair bcs I won't live with having a little bunny tail mullet on the back of my head lol

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Brett decided to trim his hair with his beard trimmer bcs it's all he's got in the house and he only got his sideburns done before it died lollll

He plugged it in to charge, put on a hat, and called it quarantine fashion🤠

Being upset you have to rearrange your life events doesn't mean you think that stuff is more important than the suffering or loss or fear everyone else may be experiencing, it's all valid 😤

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A lot of her patient's anxieties are sky high bcs they feel guilty that they would be grieving those personal things when the real actual problems of the world are so much more devastating, but you feel what you feel and it's ok

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Good morning my therapist reminded me it's ok to feel grief or anger that you had to cancel/postpone whatever major life event (or even the day to day routines) bcs of All This Going On, and that it's not selfish to feel those things 💙

Google what is dalgona coffee and is it representative of a nation under quarantine

What's the official word on doing a Mulligan for this year, is there like a form we all have to fill out or what

2020 you are not invited to any of my parties unless you shape up

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Ok I'm getting the reports in now and what I'm gleaning from you all is that 2020 continues to be an absolute zero, a goose egg, a non starter

I haven't been on Twitter all day why is everyone extra depressed??? oh god what happened now

I have a lot of midday meetings now and it has led to me being awful hangry in a lot of them, lol
Lemme eat sandwich 😩

🌞Good morning from myself and this cat who has mastered pretending not to hear me trying to get her to look at the camera 🌞

I was gonna do the six fan arts thing but I only know like 6 characters I would wanna draw and I already drew them lol

Them: We need you to confirm this report works
Me: ok but you haven't given me any requirements so all I can tell you is what it's doing, not if it's doing it right

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Me during a conference call that has melted into three people arguing back and forth about this report and I don't care who's right I just need an answer so I can keep working

I put too much red chilli paste in my ramen and now my mouth is on fire hooboy 🔥🔥🔥

There's a bird sitting right outside the window on the fence just screaming and looking around to see if anyone screams back
Not yet but maybe soon, bud

Good morning here is your daily vitamin d 🌞🌞🌞

Detective, I mean

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