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Better get some art up here so you aren't sideswiped by all the shirtless beefcake later lol

This is the kind of art I make! If it's got a bare butt in it or is hiiiighly suggestive I will be sure to stuff it behind a sensitive media click-thru for ya 😀 πŸ’ͺ

We are entering

✨✍️The Comics Zone✍️✨

see you in several hours lol

:looks directly at the bot scrapers that steal content off of pat\\\reon: 😐

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It's great bcs obviously you want to keep ownership of your work, but then when bot scrapers come along and yoink everything on a site, you can't expect any help from the platform and that's a bummer haha

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This is the big problem with using any kind of aggregate platform model to publish your works - the platform can't do anything when your content gets scraped off their site, bcs they don't own it. Your copyright is yours, and thus is your responsibility to enforce.

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LRT: How many paid apps are things like that, where it scrapes free content online and then charges you to view it on their app? Sure don't like that at all, wow

Sometimes when you're sad only a harmonica will convey the proper emotion I guess

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Brett forgot to put cheese in his omelette this morning and after he trudged into his room I heard this long sad harmonica noise lol

:watches little thermal printer spit out 25 address labels in like 8 seconds:

... I wish I'd gotten this earlier in the week lol 😭

:extends leggy: Took a 2 hour nap and I have no regrets but also haha I have a lot of work to do πŸ’¦

brett is cleaning the house I can smell the freshness

I guess I should get up and help, but comics

I feel like you shouldn't have to worry someone would come at you to draw hardcore smut if you don't draw it to begin with but I guess it happens enough ppl feel the need to say it haha

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The commission artist's will/won't draw starter pack:
No mecha or complicated armor
Light NSFW only OK
Anthro OK

For a special surprise open the full picture and take note of the hole my daughter put in the couch πŸ˜‘

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There she is, taking a nap in the sun after a long grueling night of sleeping

Y'all get fan art done for new overwatch characters sixteen minutes after the promo tweet comes out but sleeping on this, huh? I see

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It's been one whole day since Sonic came out where is the robotnik art at

oh hey it's been three minutes since I yelled for you to pls read my very good, very comic πŸ“’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

which political party is addressing spicy body pillow case art I need to compare and contrast my ideal candidate

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I feel like once you've had a webcomic reach a hundred pages the creator should be allowed one (1) free body pillowcase of their lead character

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