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I started out with the intention to play this serious but, well
it’s Lupin, what can you do🤷

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I drew some cute cinnamon roll fluff, bcs I'm a sap 🤗 The full mini comic is in the B-class tier, over yonder 👉 👉👉

Whatever my next comic is, I'll put it on webtoon but I won't change the format at all outside of pasting existing panels in a vertical column, will simply black out entire panels that have any gratuitous/suggestive scenes, and I'll never read the comments which should be easy since apparently the site doesn't notify you that you have any lol

What happens in the woods
No one actually knows, not even science

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I've heard enough missing 411 stories to know if you walk too near to the woods it can suddenly make you disappear and then show up 3 years later, 40 miles away, with one shoe on and a new haircut

I haven't had time to sit and draw during the weeknights in 2 months, I am going feral😤

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I finally put in for time off next month and I'm going to park my ass in front of the drawing desk for the entire duration ✍️✍️✍️

Overheard down the hall, as Brett talks to the cat who is demanding he turn the tub faucet on: you don't need more sips, you already got your sips

I'm cringing my way through each page but I'm gonna read it anyway bcs I was dumb enough to buy it so now we gotta finish it

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I'm trying to read this highly rated/reviewed book that has some of the worst, most unnatural sounding dialogue I think I've ever read in my life and it's abundantly clear that I've been spoiled by excellent fan fic and gay romance writers for so long I can't go back now

Therapy session, advice 

My therapist was like perhaps you can try holding ice cubes in your hand first to see if the grounding technique of texture/cold sensation helps derail an anxiety spiral before you do what you read on the internet and dunk your face into a bucket of ice water lol

You ever be eating your meal while reading something and just like...the fork misses your mouth entirely

With the ways online store fronts like Etsy and store envy keep screwing their users I feel like they only way I will get back into doing stickers is through Patreon rewards, but I don't have time to make a new product each month bcs I work full time hhhhhhh 😤

"Haha these comic dudes and the 90s low rise jeans they keep drawing on all their women characters, how lazy" I chortle as I draw all 47 of my OCs in Converse sneakers and a hoodie

Me, a newb, trying to understand the difference between FOSS and FLOSS software: what

Weird thoughts I have about cremation vs burial lol 

I told this to Brett and he slowly shut his eyes and said You'll be dead, what does it matter

Lol Brett it matters okay

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Weird thoughts I have about cremation vs burial lol 

I don't really want to be buried when I die bcs I don't like the idea of rotting away, so I guess I'll have to be cremated, but if I do that I don't get to have a skeleton lying around for archeologists to find later and that seems like a loss for them 💀🔍

So theres a good chance we'll be rebuilding the D&W website from scratch w a static site generator, but it needs a comment system and I don't wanna go with Disqus if I can help it. Needs to be something that supports WP native comment migration 🤔 any suggestions?

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