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Sometimes I find a really good beefcake pose to share as a drawing prompt but then I look at the text in the tweet and it's like 📢📢📢DO YOU WANNA SMASH YOUR FACE INTO THIS MANS SEXXXY ASS📢📢📢 and has sixteen incredibly lewd hashtags in it lol

I have the same problem looking at those blue-only christmas lights it feels like that color is pulling light out of my eyeballs or something lol I cannot perceive them

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Why do they still make appliances with those deep blue colored LEDs for the time display I cannot READ that unless I'm like 1 foot away 🤕

Like it's fine if you interrupt and see I'm on the phone and give me the Oh sorry I'll come back later hand-wave but if you keep going you have earned a spot on my shit list lol

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I think about this anytime someone has the audacity talk to me when it's extremely obvious I am on the phone already having a conversation

Adding ingredients bcs they make culinary sense: ⛔
Adding ingredients simply bcs they match my vibe: ✅

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I feel like a 1/2 cup white wine is the way to class up most any recipe even tho I admit I don't know that I can really taste it in there haha

I keep getting tagged into cool art share thread things and I think Yeah!! Gonna share something!!! And then after work when I can get on my computer to share art I've forgotten I wanted to do it😩

Artists would you ever get your own art tattooed on yourself

I don't normally get this bent out of shape about phone calls but they're ones where I'm not actually sure what exactly I'm supposed to be asking for or who I need to ask so it's awkward and I hate it haha
I would fail at investigative journalism lemme tell you

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I made the next phone call on my to do list!! Just one more to tackle!!!😤👏👏

I feel bad any time I get follower requests the random times I decide to make this account private for whatever the anxiety reason of the day is
They probably think there's some juicy stuff behind the wall but no
Just me yelling about ghost you tube and lupin

Why do I always watch or read about scary things before I have to go to bed
Why am I like this lol

I like drawing romance so I love these requests but what I suspect is driving all of them is the fact that we are headed into the final chapter and they fear the angst storm on the horizon lol

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I had reminded patrons that the request queue is open and the sheer number of romance requests I got, lol

Listen everybody claims to be a freak in the sheets but what you all really want is sweet cuddles and pillow talk you are TELLING on yourselves 😄💕👌

13 days left until daylight savings time begins again and I'm READY give me that one more hour of sun in the evening I am so tired of it being dark when I am up and about I don't need it tacked on in the early morning when I do not see it lol

Tumblr communication should solely be thru tags that I will never see unless I go looking for them lol

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