Here's another fantasy doodle, this time some sort of bullish forest troll.

@DavitMasia I've been seeing your roguelike around social media and I just wanted to say it's retro beauty :)

Neurofeedback Session #2 Report:

• 26 minutes of "Spirited Away"
• feedback focused on entraining theta activity in Broca's area (F7)
'• was fatigued by end of session
• more face twitches/eye watering/half-yawning during feedback
• some left side core body twitching/flinching/recoiling impulses happened during the session, too
• very social in days afterward (bordering on hypomanic) increased focus on programming, vivid social dreams in nights to follow.

Neurofeedback Session #1 Report:

• 30 minutes of "Spirited Away"
• feedback focused on theta activity bursts in left temporal lobe (causing dissociation)
• felt tired after appointment, like brain was "empty" or tired
• have been sleeping a lot, had a vivid dream about Casey still being mad at me and it being ok
• other vivid dreams I can't remember
• started reading "neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma," which is a lot of relevant stuff, overwhelming but helpful

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So glad I am a hoarder and have some kind of digital history from Middle School/High School...

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