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Hi all! I'm Jaz, designer by trade, illustrator by not trade, and tinkering with ux, webdev, and gamedev during my free time.

I play video games and making infinite simpsons references.

Favorite things to draw include draw dinosaurs, bugs, birds, plants and star stuff.

I need money to cover medical expenses, so if you can help or just boost it'd be awesome!
- here's my shop:
- or my tip jar:
Thanks a lot 💙

I finally finished my first game in Twine! It's very short and about a dream I've had since 2012. Please take a look!

I spent most of my day learning flexbox and I think....I'm getting it. slowly

Got tickets to the Art of Trollhunters panel at Gallery Nucleus. Super excited!!!

My IDW Sonic vol 3 came in! And this series continues to be delightful to read!! I'm really digging the new character designs

Using good watercolor paper instead of shitty bristol makes a heck of a difference.

Also just printing designs on paper to paint over is the best now that I know my printer can handle it.

Tried out some watercolors with gouache, looks neat. Also love the heck out of gold Acryl paint.

I'm trying to finish all the friend quests in Judgment and tonight I either have to learn how to play Mahjong or do drone racing and I'm don't know which is gonna be harder.

Last night I somehow stumbled my way through poker and won two games and eternal friendship with poker lady

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Someone saw our "Sonic says NO to facsism and racism" sticker on our trip jar and drew us this

Oh God I haven't turned the PS4 in a while and it just wants to update 😫

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Finally have time to start playing Judgement tonight!!! Aww yeah


Attention artists, writers, and creators! We are looking for donations of digital downloadable items (art, stories, music, etc) to offer as rewards for an upcoming RAICES fundraiser. Read more here:


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