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Hi all! I'm Jaz, designer by trade, illustrator by not trade, and tinkering with ux, webdev, and gamedev during my free time.

I play video games and making infinite simpsons references.

Favorite things to draw include draw dinosaurs, bugs, birds, plants and star stuff.

I got a whole palette of watercolor metallics for my bday and I cannot wait to use them!!

Redoing this bg and focusing more on building the palette this time around.

Indie game creators! Indie Arena Booth helps people get spots free during Gamescon in Cologne, Germany this year, deadline to apply is May 10th.

There's a half year difference bt these two backgrounds and I'm laughing at how different it looks.

The first one was me just creating a letter sized document and making stuff up while the other is looking at the actual resolution of the game

I've been struggling with some illustrations and I realize I've been losing my values to color. I've been paying closer attention to values and seems to be helping a bit

Waypoint's 72 hour gaming marathon for Trans Lifeline is starting now!

i lose my shit when i see design jobs in SF almost 20 dollars under market rate/hour. it's fucking disgusting and it just really riles me up because i've been in and am still kind of in that position. and you expect ppl to live off this bs?

Seeing all the graffiti coming out of la union always makes me want to bust out my sketchbook and draw some words


I do not really post here anymore but I’m trying to change that! Have a José Carioca for your troubles

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