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And he's complete!

This is the second in a set of two portraits for the same recipient, intended to be a matched set. It's part of a fundraiser for

When I started doing these (I've got eight completed pieces already) I was intending to keep it quick 'n dirty, but I keep adding more detail and taking more time on each. 😅

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I initially thought I'd do something "quick" "with colour". 😂

Fifteen minutes in and I only had the background colour done, so I gave in and spent over an hour on it.


It was a busy weekend, but I managed to complete a few birthday / anniversary cards to celebrate friends and family.

The emerald is a card for my parents' 55th wedding anniversary, the other two are birthday cards. All done in , except the script (chunky Crayola marker lol) and the emerald's band (sharpie marker).

Work in progress!

I've been struggling to get started on this piece for a long time. Last night I finally got to sit down and put in the background. Eventually the hazy grey bit in the middle will be a dog.

It's a fundraiser commission for a friend, luckily they are very patient about it 😅

I just realized I never posted the finished piece, so here he is!

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Painted a little 5 by 7 piece as a card for my mom's birthday. Tiger lilies in .

I'm not sure how much time went into this, maybe an hour and a half?

As a study, I feel like it was good practice. I don't much like the result though, it's terribly mushy, with poorly sized/positioned eyes. Oh well, no better way to learn than to do.

Images are:
1. Reference:
2. Color blocking
3. Finished piece

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: This on canvas board pup is another one for the fundraiser.

I'm trying to get a better handle on how hue changes in different value areas (in this one, warm highlights and cool shadows) but I was too conservative with it and now it's all very grey. :/ Hopefully I can steer it more saturated when I get to sit down and finish it.

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I started out intending to paint this as part of a skillshare course, but I got caught up in the painting and forgot about the course entirely.

I used photos I took on a recent trip as reference. Reference photos included in the second image, and an early sketch in the third.

I've never done commissions (just fundraiser stuff) but somehow I got roped into doing one? I'm not terribly happy with it but so it goes

I'm calling it, it's done!

Another pet portrait for the fundraiser - this time a boy and his pug.

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Working on a tonight. I watched a tutorial the other day, I had all these big ideas about how it was going to look but it's gone a little off the rails. Turns out I have terrible habits that are hard to break 😅

Pictured: traced lineart, in-progress watercolor, and the original reference photo

I picked up a new (to me) today after returning to a friend one that I had borrowed to try out drawing tablets. I foresee getting a lot of use out of this purchase 😄 About an hour on this, trying out brushes


I started by digitally drawing lineart over the reference photo. I printed just the lines and transferred it to the canvas to get a starting point for proportions.

I wanted to do this one more loose than some of my recent pet paintings, so I tried to focus first on over all values and not get caught up in individual hairs. I also filled the eyes in black first, which helped, since last time I had issues with tiny flecks of white canvas showing through around the edges.

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One more fundraiser pet portrait complete, despite all of my procrastination. Probably about five or six hours of time into this one.

I don't think I quite got the eyes but this seemed like an OK point to stop. Process details/pics in follow up toot.

on canvasboard.

I couldn't do any painting last night but I couldn't let the beautiful plump bird from yesterday's prompt go unpainted. Just shy of two hours went into this one.

A painting I completed this past March for a fundraiser, on .

I remember this piece taking a long time. I'm overall very happy with it, although the color is kind of wonky. I have a hard time with blonde dogs, they always seem to turn orange on my brush. (Advice is welcomed!)

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A great sign I spotted on a walk today.
There's something endearing about the handcrafted

That was... frustrating. At the halfway point it was turning into an almost uniform grey blob. 😐

Trying to focus on the values. I guess I forgot to fill in the rocks under the rails before I went to fussing details 😄

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