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This is my humble little gift for the amazing and wonderful Skittzipoo! She's currently creating a beautiful cosplay and you should all go have a look!

Meet Bjørk, my Goliath bard. She plays the hurdy gurdy, trades bodily services for intel and is an all around sweetie with gigantic......... heart 😏🖤🖤🖤

Hey, if you enjoy my work, would you please consider checking out my Patreon? I have monthly rewards, exclusive content and a lot of behind the scenes Witchcraft snacks! Every pledge helps and it would mean the world to me.
RT's highly appreciated ✨

🖤The taste of your skin, the knowledge of my sin🖤
Who is _your_ OTP, and why? OvO

🖤 A lover's kiss🖤
A close up of a nsfw piece! If you want to see the whole shabang, go to (at)Smutsum on twitter!

Happy Friday! What’s a thing that makes you really happy? 🖤

Today's stream doodles! Gonna ink them tomorrow!


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