Messy painting of Lin from the game getting back in the groove~

I... Forgot how to use tags apparently hakfbanf, its been too long since ive been on masto lol

a earlier doodle i did while practicing in csp. i never knew stabilizers were a thing...

For the past few weeks ive been learning how to art in csp, and boy i feel like im drawing digitally for the first time again. Still havent sat down and painted something but i'll get there!

Im late to the party, but i finally watched spiderverse and man. MAN. Time for a spidersona!!

did a redraw since i didn't have enough art for an art summary -cries- but hey this was fun!

Oh wow hello new followers! I promise you i do post art, but ive just been enjoying MHW and dealing with irl things at the moment aha 💦

Man, built a new computer for my husband so we can play games together. Monstet hunter world here we come!!

Ive been a little uh, slow these days. Broke my glasses so its hard to concentrate on things atm. Juuust gatta wait for the new ones to come in.

thanks for the boosts ;v; ya'll are too kind~ ❤️

Opening commissions!! You can find more information on my weebly linked below. Taking a few slots for now to get into the swing of things. Any inquiries, send me a DM or email me at if you're interested.

AHHA so much for outfit august x'D got caught up with too many things. maybe i'll try and do it for fun on the side if anything. outfits are fun to draw after all~

Ive been setting up my computer set up for the past few days (theyre coming in the mail one by one) so ive been set back a bit on drawing ;; BUT NEW COMPUTER, ill finally be able to play games again ;w;

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