Now I really wanna draw my other dnd characters... I should do that.

Been doing some d&d lately, so i wanted to share a doodle of my aarakocra bard!


i guess i've been really into portaits lately, i need to try and branch out.

Messy painting of Lin from the game getting back in the groove~

I... Forgot how to use tags apparently hakfbanf, its been too long since ive been on masto lol

a earlier doodle i did while practicing in csp. i never knew stabilizers were a thing...

For the past few weeks ive been learning how to art in csp, and boy i feel like im drawing digitally for the first time again. Still havent sat down and painted something but i'll get there!

Im late to the party, but i finally watched spiderverse and man. MAN. Time for a spidersona!!

did a redraw since i didn't have enough art for an art summary -cries- but hey this was fun!

Oh wow hello new followers! I promise you i do post art, but ive just been enjoying MHW and dealing with irl things at the moment aha 💦

Man, built a new computer for my husband so we can play games together. Monstet hunter world here we come!!

Ive been a little uh, slow these days. Broke my glasses so its hard to concentrate on things atm. Juuust gatta wait for the new ones to come in.

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