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First post of the year, have some ocs! I've been getting used to painting on procreate~

-was going to draw today-
-power goes out immediately-


these redraws are helping me get back into painting more casually, hope no one minds aha

Sorry i havent been around! Along with some health things, I've been really into animal crossing!

Just some rambles/what I've been up to 

I recently discovered telegram recently, and I've been having fun making stickers. I've probably made 40+ in the past few days x'D

Other than that work is busy, and I've been spending my free time playing games, chilling and casually doodling. ✌️

Hello my lovely -ists!

Let's remind the internet of the abundance of creative talent on the :fediverse: Fediverse!

If you're a freelancer in a creative industry available for work, whether it's illustration, design, animation, gamedev, voice acting, modelling, composition, etc., make a toot describing the work you do using the tag !

Let's :boost: the heck out of them and give some much needed love and attention to our hardworking creative professionals. :bowie_stardust:

Did a repaint after awhile of not painting! Sept 2017 - Sept 2019. I'm kinda happy to see some differences!

Forgot to mention I've been playing borderlands 3 for the past few days. I'm having a blast! Will return to drawing soon. Possibly. Maybe.

Day 31. I didn't want to do the original prompt so I went with my own idea!
I did this full month of prompts with @jatobear so I wanted to draw our characters together and trying outfits on as a final piece!

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