Still having fun with all the "aha moments" of this being thing.

So today V and I was at a children's party. One of their preschool friends is three. From a distance I immediately notice one of the moms, thinking "she looks like a nice person"—you know, when meeting a group of strangers, you immediately try to identify who you probably have the most in common with.

Later in conversation she casually mentions her wife.

Oh yeah, the gaydar! I almost forgot about that for a minute there.

Well, let's mark the date of another milestone then. I've decided on my names! 😊 They have been with me for a few months now and I'm clearly not going to change my mind.

And with that, cue another one of those inexplicable surges of euphoria! I swear it's as big a surprise every time. Like as if even the possibility of these emotions existing, anywhere and for anyone in the universe, is too irrational for my day-to-day worldview to allow for.

I don't get it. Also, I don't need to. 🥰

Also I'm kind of embarrased about calling my pre-realisation self out as a closeted tsundere. Mostly because after posting it I realised I had a point. 😓

Well, you live and learn. Tagging this thread now since it turned out that way. I really need to start remembering to use those.

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Hi! Here's a new . 😊

This is an account for my authentic self, which I've spent most of my life repressing. No more!

I'm currently at a stage of dismantling the old husk of a pretended self, trying to reassemble the lumps of actual personality spilling out of it.

I will post on anything, but much will be about , or me having and being baby . I am still reclaiming philosophy from my old self.

Please write if you feel like it! I'm very likely to appreciate it. ❤️🎶

As a bonus, here are seven things I'd like to share that were incredibly important in getting me this far.

Some will be a bit specific to or even , while others will not.

1. This quote: "Fighting the world as your authentic self is better than fighting yourself on behalf of the world."

That idea wasn't just helpful. It was entirely necessary.

2. Your body does not define your gender. IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Thinking like that might feel weird at first.

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(1/12) When someone asks how I realised I was , my default answer is that I always knew but never understood.

This thread is an elaboration on that.

I realise I can't keep going with these giant threads, but I really need to get this out of the way now. Also, I think the sum of these stories being told is helpful in changing society so that more people can find themselves sooner. A collective consciousness thing, sort of.

So, here's some notes on how I always knew yet didn't.


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