Well, let's mark the date of another milestone then. I've decided on my names! 😊 They have been with me for a few months now and I'm clearly not going to change my mind.

And with that, cue another one of those inexplicable surges of euphoria! I swear it's as big a surprise every time. Like as if even the possibility of these emotions existing, anywhere and for anyone in the universe, is too irrational for my day-to-day worldview to allow for.

I don't get it. Also, I don't need to. 🥰


Oh, and by the way that's Lisen Jasmine!

Since these are Swedish names, the pronounciation is [ˈliːsɛn] and [ʝasˈmiːn]. Saying [jas-] or even [ɕas-] is fine too, but please don't [ɧasˈmiːn] me, or I *will* proceed to be a baby about it. 😒

Or you can just say Ina ['iːna]. 😁

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